11 Tips to Get the Best of Local SEO in Google Maps

From August 2015, local search history of Google changed completely, it made a huge difference in what users and SEO experts had been experiencing in the past or before that. The update was so intense every SEO Expert dug into it and had come up with tips to get the benefit of the update.

When the Update was implemented, the biggest change that was noticed by the SEO enthusiasts, as well as the users, was when they made a search for a local business or place, the result that was displayed only showed 3 search results, and in the past, the number was 7.

The term the 7-pack which was used by SEO experts was replaced with“3-pack” by Google and the motive was to give a user-friendly experience to the users of course.

If such was the case, you might be thinking that SEO Experts might have been criticizing the Google but sorry to break your bubble that the changes actually did sound logical and they were accepted by both users as well as SEO Experts for better convenient search results.


Some Other Changes that Came along With the “3-Pack” Model are mentioned below:

  1. Street names appeared in the priority information. When clicked, details like addresses and phone numbers and other such information came.
  2. Store hours got a spot in featured information.
  3. For Search Results, Ratings and reviews played an important role.
  4. Local, home service, paid-for-ads have been introduced for users who seek services which they can hire locally.
  5. Google Maps got deep matching and relation with Google Search.
  6. The ranking was more dependent upon Distance and location ranking.

There were many such changes but the 6 mentioned above were the major changes that needed prior attention. Now that you know what the changes were, you can easily relate to why the below-mentioned tips are important for Local SEO.

There are many different ways to achieve a good search rank in Local Listings via Google Maps but following tips and the knowledge of update will help you decide what should be the priority. So, without any further delay, let’s just look into those 11 Tips that can help you do well in Local SEO via Google Maps.

Tips For Ranking in Local SEO:

Tip 1 – It is essential to have a Physical Address as well as a phone number of the location or town you are targeting.

Tip 2 – Make appropriate use of Google My Business (GMB):


How to do that? Below are the points or checklist to have:

  • Make sure your GMB is filled with relevant and authentic information with no detail missing.
  • The location that you have filled in GMB is verified by its owner
  • Make sure GMB primary categories are consistent and have a broader search category
  • Your Landing Page Title must have the name of the City or the Town you are targeting

Tip 3 – Make sure the Name, Address and Phone Number that you fill in the GMB is the same as that of the Name, Address and Phone Number that you have used in your website

Tip 4 – Make sure your website has the Google Maps Location pinned of the Location that you feed in the GMB

  • Also, make sure you have updated information for opening and closing hours, landmarks for the location, social media links, and other such location or brand specific contact details.

Tip 5 – Make sure you have Different Page for Different Business Location that you have

Tip 6 – Give every product or service a different web page

Tip 7 – Do appropriate as well as prominent use of citations

  • Citations meaning getting your location registered in Global and Local directories. This will help you get attention and also get some credibility and authority for your location

Tip 8 – Have Unique as well as user-friendly Content on your website

Tip 9 – Try to get more and more reviews for your location as well as your website

Tip 10 – Do some proper On Page Activity like Interlinking

Tip 11 – Get proper Keyword Research and use them properly

Thus, above were the tips that can help you capitalize in Local SEO. For more such pro tips, you can contact Nesterzweb and get your business as well as Digital Presence at the peak.