3 Pages Your Website May Not Need

First impressions count. For the savvy, online shopper, the tone, look and feel of your website needs to feel ‘right’ otherwise within seconds of landing on your website, they navigate away. Too many pages can make our website act clunky, as well as look and feel chaotic and unorganised, but you may be wondering which ones are safe to get rid of.

With the aim of compressing your website, take a look at the pages you must have and three you could manage without…

The Killer Home Page

The home page is essential and the one page that you cannot do without. Make sure the copy is classy, short and snappy, giving your customer the information that they need clearly and quickly.

You may not need… A Gallery Page

Unless you have a business that is particularly photograph heavy, a gallery page may be cluttering your website. If you have an abundance of photos, use them on other pages as appropriate and don’t forget that regularly updating your social media posts and updates with photos get a better response.

The ‘About Us’ Page

This is another page that your website cannot do without. Customers like to know a little about the business they are dealing with and the About Us page can tick all those boxes.

People enjoy reading your story, so spend time on this and make sure it is informative, but fun. And don’t forget to update from time to time too.

You may not need… The Review Page

Great web design in Cheshire will often come with hints and tips, as well as fantastic nuggets of advice about how to stand out online. Reviews, recommendations and testimonials of your business, products and/or service, you will have been told, are essential. Not only do customers love reviews, search engines do too, especially when they are linked with your social media and independent reviewing sites.
But having a whole separate page on your website may not be doing you any favours and are simply a waste of space. Include reviews and so on by using a scrolling widget. Use it on the home page and/or by the checkout, as well as including product reviews next to the product itself.

Product & Services Page or Pages

Once people know a little more about you, they want to know what you offer and whether this is what they are looking for, and at the price they are willing to pay.

Have your products and services clearly set out so that customers can find them quickly. Also, make the checkout process streamlined too, for faster fuss-free purchasing.

You may not need… the Meet the Staff Page

Again, this depends very much on your business and its nature. For some businesses, having a separate page full of photos of their staff team may be appropriate but for some businesses, it can look like you are simply filling your website with superficial information.
If your customers don’t need to see the accounts department and the business mascot, remove the page.

Other Essential Pages

Your website needs to be many things to many people but this doesn’t mean you have squash every piece of information you have available on to a multi-paged website.

If you feel your customers may need more information, have a Frequently Asked Questions Page. A blog can be a great way of attracting people to your website and a Contact Us page can also be useful for when people need basic contact information quickly.

Which pages do you think your website could do without – and could getting rid mean a better user experience?