3 Steps To An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Whenever it comes to content marketing, It’s not always about writing great content or using ‘big’ and ‘heavy’ English words that demonstrate your grip on the language. Okay! We understand that the quality or greatness of the content has a major role in getting the desired traffic and influencing the targeted audience, turning them into potential customers. But, a good quality content is adequate only to successfully fuel your journey for the first half mile down the road, the other half mile has to be covered by leveraging the rest of the process to the apex. The pre and post content marketing tactics and the process of writing a good content altogether comprise the ideal team that every content marketer and SEO specialist want to incorporate in his business. A good strategy, a religiously conducted research, and a passionately written content together form the base of the structure on which the ‘huge traffic expectations’ is mounted.

So, how can content marketing get you the desired traffic? Big question! Well, even the answer is not that easy. The simple version of the answer is: follow the rules, try to innovate and get the best from the steps.   1. Religiously conducted keyword planning and research:


The use of keywords is what is the only difference between a content written for a business and a general blog that features news. Business content can’t perform without the proper and adequate use of keywords, ‘business related keywords’. There’s a term in content marketing called ‘SEO friendly content’ and if you understand the meaning of the term SEO, you definitely know the use of the keyword in the particular niche. Google keyword planner and other tools are very much available on the internet. However, more often than not, it’s been observed that dependency of a business entirely on these tools fail to achieve the desired result. Thus, we advise our readers to put some extra efforts for your own benefits and manually search for keywords that are popular.

2. The use of right content type depending on the platform:


The three role of a content: to inform, address the need, and persuade the customer. It’s only possible when you’ve done your maths correctly. Knowing what your readers like to read about and writing a content that is way better than anything already in their reach is how you should do it. The trends have changed and so does the reader’s requirement. It’s now not just about what you cater to address their needs, the success depends on how you address it. Read about the trending content types that are getting popular among the audience and try to deliver the same.      

3. Conceptualize a content marketing scheme that’s better than your competitors:


Our competitors are our best source of learning and I have no doubt on the legitimacy of this statement. Doesn’t matter who said this, but he/she is/was hit the nail on the head and he did it hard. The best way to perform better​ and reach the apex point in any industry is by conceptualizing a strategy that is better than all your competitors sitting at the top. Hence, analyze your competitors that you’ve been idolizing till now, follow what they did and how they did, and try to do it better than them. Step a little higher and muster all your strength and give it all for the experiment.  


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