4 Reasons Site Performance is Essential

Site performance affects online businesses in an infinite number of ways. But with the recent shift towards good user experience, site performance is more important than ever. However, there are still many business owners who are still reluctant to improve their site performance because they don’t see the benefits in it. In this article, we’re going to give you four reasons why site performance should never be neglected.

Site Performance is Essential

You’ll get Better Positioning

As you may already know, Google is putting more importance on site speed than ever before. There was a time when site performance wasn’t even a factor when it came to rankings, but now, it is playing a central role in how sites are ranked. And it’s completely understandable. Google wants searchers to get access to the absolute best sites they can, and site performance plays a central role in the quality of any website.

People have Increasingly Shorter Attention Spans

With the absolute torrent of content available, it’s no surprise to learn that attention spans are shorter than ever online. Only five years ago, the attention span of the average visitor was estimated to be eight seconds. Today, you have between three to five seconds to make your mark. If you don’t manage to make an impression in these crucial seconds, visitors will bounce right out. And guess what, bounce rates are another factor Google is using to rank a website, so that’s a double whammy.

It Hurts Conversion Rates

While marketing is important, there is ultimately nothing as important as conversions for online businesses. Even the best-marketed site in the world will underperform if it fails to convert.

It has been estimated that a single second of delay in loading time could lose you up 7% more converting clients.  So even if you’re getting great quality leads left and right, all of it will go to waste if you don’t manage to retain them. As a matter of fact, you should be working on improving performance way before you think of launching a marketing campaign.

If you’re struggling with loading times, it could be that your web host is at fault. Shared hosting sites often have gaps in performance, so going with a dedicated server could be a better option. If you’re looking for a good hosting solution, you can visit a review site like hostingkingdom.com and look at comparisons of various hosting companies.

You Want to Satisfy your Global Audience

Your site will be available across the globe and you want to reach as many people as possible. We often forget that a huge portion of the globe has to deal with significantly slower internet connections. So, if you think five seconds of loading time is long with your connection, you can only imagine how it can be for people dealing with poorer infrastructure. Do everything you can to improve your site’s performance, so you don’t discourage potential global clients.


Site performance should be one of your first priorities when launching a website. It allows you to increase conversion rates, get your audience’s attention quickly, and reach a larger audience. It’s also a great way to improve your search engine rankings by staying on Google’s best side.