5 features of iPhone which no Android phone can beat

Smart phone! A  topic which excites all the people especially youth. For several decades the fight has been between ios and android users.

Where iPhone users refer their mobiles as a luxury item and Android users tell that their device is much more practical.

Despite the practicality factor of Android devices, there are still many reasons that iPhone is worth the price.

The success of apple iPhone can be measured with the fact that earlier they had no marketing strategy but still were managing to earn the highest profits. (how to earn higher profits)


This is a feature which comes in handy for such device users. It provides interruption free and seamless voice and text messaging between all ios devices.

The option for such feature to android users is google hang out but it’s not that efficient.


Provided that Google as a search engine provides an efficient functioning but still spotlight has its own advantages.

It provides a search between images, apps and other documents.

For opening this feature you need to click the magnifying glass picture at upper right corner of the bar known as a menu bar, or you can also press command-space from any other app as well.


iPhone users can pretty easily share things like image, text and other types of format over Bluetooth via airdrop.

Airdrop even scores more on security by providing an option of visibility to their users. This also leads to a greater amount of satisfaction in users mind as security nowadays is considered a crucial factor.


It is a well-known fact that its operating system is much more efficient in protecting themselves and the phone. According to a survey, approximately 95% malware target only Android users due to their open nature.

It also means that Android phones are much more vulnerable to theft and their operating system as a whole


In recent times for android user, if they wanted to put their phone on vibrate or even change the ringing volume, it seemed a hectic task, because they need to go to settings and then change it. NNowadayssome android phones are providing the facility of vibrate switch as well, but the leader in this is Apple iPhone as they were providing this feature since a long time.

We can also state that Apple as a company is much more aware of the need, and they really know how to mark a smartphone easy for a customer to use.


I have not considered it as a point as it is not a technical feature but still, plays a huge factor for sales especially in a country like India.

Look around you, the kid who is going to his kindergarten wants an iPhone in his hand. Now consider a middle aged professional he wants the same phone to show and upgrade his image in front of his colleagues. In some cases, people above the age of 55 also want to pick apple as a phone just for the luxury image that it offers.

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