5 Reasons to Why Every Business Should Say ‘YES’ to Android

Android apps have undoubtedly reached a new height in the business application development industry with a booming sound. And there’s no reason to why the business leaders should not praise the inventor of Android OS: Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Andy Rubin for their contribution to the world of technology.

Now, every blessing has to be utilized to leverage optimum benefits for the business and failing to do so is a kind of unhealthy practice that people, especially the business leaders should get rid of. If a particular business has the intentions to grow and expand, android apps have to have a say in it.


So, keeping that in mind, here are certain advantages of Android apps for business.  

  1. One time investment with highest ROI

Android apps are a one-time investment that guarantees the highest return on investment. Android operating system is much easily accessible by the developer community to modify its software using its software development kit. Android OS has a lower entry barrier compared to window OS or apple OS which makes it a more suitable option. And, if you’re a developer, you will proactively choose Android because of the fact that Android is a better source of high income and every business is adopting Android OS in their management system.

2. Easier to integrate for custom needs

Android applications are much easier to integrate and customize according to one’s specific needs. For people hunting for technical customization that is complex at the same time, be it a web based application or a smart phone application, Android is the first and the best choice. Ask the Android users about one thing that they love about it and you will get one answer, all in one voice “it’s a platform that is flexible and ready for customization”. You have the option to integrate and improve the application according to the custom needs of your business.

3. Open source platform

Android is an open source platform and everyone knows this and thus, everyone loves it. Android OS system has an added advantage that allows you to get royalty-free licensing of any software. So, if you’re an app vendor, then only you will understand the lucrative benefit of this added advantage. And the Android framework offered is contrastingly best among all its competitors.

4. Perfect choice for manufacturers

But, what makes Android the perfect and attractive choice for mobile manufacturers and wireless device operators? This isn’t hard to guess, the answer is very much predictable, the availability of a community that answers all your queries related to android developments. And this is why we have more numbers of Android mobile phones in the market as compared to windows and apple phones.

5. Easy to create

Android applications are created using the JAVAscript which is easy to learn with adequate resources to learn and practice. The fact that anyone can create an Android app makes it more popular among people, who are probably its users. Anyone can design an app depending upon his need and sell it if they want to do so. So, if you have the working knowledge of Java programming language and you are willing to do something new and productive, this is your opportunity, grab it.


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