6 Natural Detox Treatments You Can Start Trying Today!

A dull looking skin, overall grey feeling, tiredness, lack of energy and lethargy! Do you think you have had somewhat similar feelings recently? This may not be a description of any serious disorder, but just your body trying to tell you that it needs rest and rejuvenation. Modern lifestyle is becoming very luxurious, but at the same time very stressful and hectic.  Going for late night parties, eating junk food, smoking, consuming alcohol, etc. is becoming a part of our routine. In addition, deadlines at work, financial issues, family problems, etc. put us in lot of mental stress.

Research reveals that unhealthy lifestyle habits and too much mental stress can increase the level of harmful toxins in the body. To add to this are the environmental factors such as air pollution and sun exposure. So basically, we are consuming free radicals through unhealthy foods and inhaling them through polluted air. Free radicals are considered as the precursors or the contributing factors to several serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even some types of cancer. Free radicals are the reactive oxygen species that tend to bind to healthy cells and destroy them.

Our body has some enzymes that work as antioxidants and fight the free radicals. But at times the level of free radical toxins goes to such a high level that body loses its capacity to fight them naturally. Free radicals or toxins can affect any organ in the body and the initial symptoms can be seen in terms of extreme fatigue, tiredness, dull skin, acne breakouts, headache, etc. So, when you notice any of these symptoms and have no clear diagnosis of any disorder, you should recognize your body’s signals and need for de-toxification.  Here are some effective natural body de-toxification therapies you can consider to get rid of unwanted body toxins and feel rejuvenated again.

  1. Include coloured vegetables in your diet

Brightly coloured vegetables like spinach, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. are very rich in pigments such as carotenoids, Lycopene and Anthocyanin, and phenolic flavonoids all of which are potent antioxidants. Make sure to add more coloured vegetables to your daily meals to increase the antioxidant levels in your body.

  1. Drink lot of fluids

Water is needed for most vital physiological functions in the body. However, in a busy schedule we often miss to drink adequate amount of water. Out body needs at least 2 litres of water per day. Water acts as a natural purifier for the body and helps to flush out the toxins. You can have some other liquids such as fruit juices but nothing can replace water. You can have lime water for a fresh feeling.

  1. Try a fruit diet

Like vegetables, fruits too are rich in antioxidants. .  Citrus fruits like Oranges, Sweet Lemons, Kiwi, etc. are rich in Vitamin C and Flavanoids, which fight free radical production at the cellular level and act as powerful antioxidants. You can actually make one meal of the day with just fruits. While fruit juice too can provide important nutrients from fruit, you may miss on the fiber part. Hence it is always better to prefer a full fruit over its juice.

  1. Make sure to sweat with exercise

Skin is an important organ that participates in elimination of toxins through perspiration.  Every adult needs minimum 150 minutes of physical activity in a week to stay fit and maintain a healthy body.  Make sure that you actually sweat a lot at one of your exercise sessions and let all the toxins out through it.

  1. Go for Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma treatment is one of the most popular Ayurvedic therapies for body de-toxification. As the name suggests it offers 5 important Ayurvedic therapies Viz. Vaman, Virechanam, Nasyma, Basti and Rakta Mokshan. All the therapies work effectively to expel the toxins as well as excess vata from the body through various routes.

  1. Try Body wraps

Body wrap is another effective natural therapy that helps to flush out the toxins from body. It begins with a massage with some body scrubs and then wrapping the body with an organic material such as mud, herbal extract, or sheets of some organic material. Covering the body with body wraps causes excessive sweating and opens up the skin pore to expel unwanted toxins from the body.