6 Secrets of a Successful Blogger


Ever notice how certain blog attract huge followings and others can get anyone to give it the time of day?

Sure you have.  Because if you’ve found your way to this article, it’s a near certainty that your either have your own blog or you’re thinking about starting one.  And while of course, you know your site is awesome, the trick is to get a whole lot of other people to think so too.

So how do the successful blogs pull this off?  Why so some sites shoot into the stratosphere while others can’t even get off the ground?

There’s more than a few reasons that certain blogs do a better job of building an audience, but perhaps the most crucial are that attractive blogs are run by popular people – simple enough, right?

Now, I don’t mean “popular” in the often superficial high school sense, I mean in the grown up way.  Popularity in the blogging universe is directly related to likeability.  People want to hang out at sites written by people they like.

Your personality.  Your attitude.  Your vibe.  How you get your points across.

So with this in mind, here are 6 secrets for creating a successful/popular blog.

1)  Demonstrate Confidence & Authority

Simply put, people want to believe you know what you’re talking about.

They want to trust you.

They want to see you as an expert.

So regardless of what stage of your blogging career you’re in, you’ve got to project confidence and authority.

Sure there a ton of blogs already out there, a lot of which are covering the same stuff.  But if you can focus in on a single topic or two and build credibility and respect on those subjects, you’ll soon have yourself a loyal and growing following.

You want your blog to become your audience’s smart, likable, highly-valuable friend.  So figure out what interests you, see if there’s a target audience for it, and start blogging with the sort of confidence that looks like you’ve been doing this for years.

2)  Connect With Others

Whether it’s to other bloggers, blog networks, brands, or your own readers, you always want to be making good connections.

The blogging universe is a big, big place, and getting your blog up and running is just the beginning.  Some reasons why reaching out is so critical include:

  • New friends can lead to new opportunities
  • Connecting with brands will promote your site, make people aware of you, and even earn you some cash
  • Establishing credibility and expertise
  • Generating fresh ideas
  • Establishing your presence

Successful blogging isn’t just about blogging, it’s also about hustling.  You’re constantly seeking out new opportunities and by actively participating in the world of your niche, you’ll be able to expand your blog in ways you never would otherwise.

3)  You Need A Plan

Success in life doesn’t just happen.  And with blogging, taking the time to map out where you want to go and how you can get there can be the difference between success and failure.

So what does a plan include?  Well…

  • Planning out and writing posts ahead of time, a great lordofpapers.com writing service company can help you out with
  • Brainstorming ideas to be used at a later date
  • Creating a blogging schedule and sticking to it
  • Maybe trying out a calendar

The key is to move with purpose.  Be intentional with what you’re doing.  When you’re intentional about writing out posts in advance you won’t be left scrambling to come up with something when the clock hits noon.  When you are intentional about creating a schedule and adhering to it, you’ll do it.  If you want a successful blog, operate with intention – if you don’t you’ll end up wasting tons of time and your blog will simply collect dust.

4)  Be Happy & Friendly

No matter how insightful or brilliant your blog is, if you come across smug or like a grouch, you’ll struggle to keep an audience.

Just think of yourself as a salesman with an amazing product.  You know your target audience wants the product, but you’ve got to make them want to buy it from you instead of your competitors.

Just remember, happiness is contagious.  If you can brighten up someone’s day with your blog, they’ll remember it well beyond the information they gathered.  Maintain this attitude with everything you do with your blog (posts, emails, replies) and you’ll build a vast audience of friends who’ll stick with you for a very long time.

5)  Be Real

The truth is that most successful bloggers are just like you and me.  They’re not living extraordinary lives or possessing 200 IQs.  Successful bloggers are generally everyday people with the ambition and work ethic to take a passion or simple interest and turn it into a business.

You don’t have to be a millionaire.  You don’t have to run iron man triathlons, climb mountains or speak 12 languages.  You just have to have something you’d like to share with others in a way that helps them in their lives.

So my best advice is to shape your blog in a way that truly reflects who you are and your life.  People value realness.  And as long as you provide great content in a sincere way, your audience will be more than happy with who you are.

6)  Don’t Try So Hard

Yes, you have to work hard.  You need to write quality posts, offer valuable information, and put in the necessary hours.

But stay relaxed.  Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, it won’t ever be.  Enjoy what you’re doing and view it as a personal friend in your life.  If you’re obsessed with success, you’ll become desperate.  And desperation doesn’t attract people.

So stay loose and keep your blog in perspective.  Appreciate the improvements you make and the successes you gain, and when things go wrong, just view it as a valuable learning experience you can use to make things better the next time.

Additionally, relentless sales pitches, loading up your site with links to sales pages and constantly referring to your service or product.   So don’t push too hard; a successful blog is built and maintaining a friendly and helpful conversation.


Building a successful blog isn’t about naked ambition or being some sort of modern day wizard.  You just need to remember that the point of blogging is to build credibility and trust with your audience.  So work hard, stay relaxed and focus on the tips laid out above – you’ll do great.


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