6 Website Design Trends To Look Forward in 2017

There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today. As time changed, so did the tastes and preferences of people. Change is inevitable, you see. Technology has grown and in turn affected the web designs as well. Designers are always on their toes thinking about the latest web design trends.

A lot of trends that designers used in the past have faded away and created a path for the new ones. Therefore, ensure that you develop the design of your website accordingly as it should not look old-fashioned to the visitors. These days, people understand if you have missed out on the new tools and techniques that makes a website more clean and user-friendly.6

So, are you among the curious kinds who often look forward to master the trends of tomorrow and stay ahead of time? Are you thinking to create a website that is able to draw and capture the attention of the people? Wish to know what’s in and out in website designs this year? If you’re nodding your head in yes, brace yourself to say hello to the web design trends of tomorrow! Read on to get acquainted to the major web design trends that are set to rule the roost in 2017.

  1. Conversational UI Will Take Centrestage – Being around for a while, conversational user interfaces will spread into the mainstream in 2017. Companies use this technology to interact with people through chat, messaging or videos in the form of bots or virtual assistants. Various platforms available for such interaction include Amazon Ech Slack, WeChat or Facebook Messenger. Therefore, designers will now have to think about conversational UIs while creating their websites. After all, all they want is to narrate a story of their brand and this cannot get better (and purer) than creating a bot.1

  2. GIFs & Animations will Continue to Rule — GIFs and animations have moved out of your Facebook posts arena and entered the mainstream. You will find various companies, these days, using GIFs on the homepage of their websites to attract their target audience. You find them everywhere and some of them are amazing! However, over-usage of animations or GIFs can make your web design look cluttered.

    Through GIFs, you can explain the customers about your product or services or how to use them quite simply. And with tools such as Photoshop or Giphy, it won’t take long for designers to create a GIF for their brand.2

  3. Responsive Design is Getting Hotter – With an upsurge in the number of smart watches, curvy phones and other digital devices, it will be highly essential for companies to offer a seamless experience to viewers across all available devices. As more and more people switch to hi-tech gadgets such as tablets, iPads and smartphones, various sites have already understood the importance of responsive designs that fit the changing screen sizes. According to Businessnewsdaily, the search giant Google officially updated its algorithms in 2016 to favor websites that look and perform better on mobile devices, making them appear higher on search results. Therefore, this year we will see companies turning their websites responsive to boost their ranking.3

  4. Minimalistic Website Design On the Rise – These days, people prefer websites that are simple and functional rather than having all kinds of elements to show the creativity of the designer. In 2017, you will see “cards” on visiting the homepage of various websites. You will be provided with more ongformatioj only when you click the card. Such a website is easy to naviagte and does not burden its visitors with unnecessary information. Most importantly, it is simple and clutter-free. According to an article published in Pagewiz.com, “when creating a minimalist page, ask what it needs in order to work. Include only those features. However make sure that important branding elements and logo design are clearly visible.

    Check out this example of Netflix’s website that uses cards to explain about the movies or further shows. You will not find anything more visually-appealing and engagingthan this, trust me!4

  5. Decline of Stock Photos on Websites — This one is my favourite! Have you noticed in the last few months that there has been a decline in the usage of stock photos on the sites. Companies have started using photos of their products or services or their team to display their authenticity. And people like it much more than those generic images. You feel connected with these sites when you see “real” photos. 2017 will witness more companies using this form of art on their websites. But make sure the photo you put on your website has a purpose as it may become the face of your brand.5

  6. Realize the Value of Long-Scrolling Websites – Lastly, there are negatives and positives of having a long-scrolling website. However, 2017 will see an upsurge in the number of long scrolling websites, thanks to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. People can scroll for hours on these websites as it keep on providing fresh and content and images. You can add videos, images, info graphics, GIFs etc to make your site more interesting.

    Check out this example of creating engagement between the user and the content using long scrolling by The Dangers of Fracking site. The page tells the story of a single drop of water going through the fracking process along with snippets of content on each step.


Wrap up

Whilst we think that all these pointers will work wonders for your website, dont be disheartened if they don’t. Some of them may work for you some may not. Just focus on using the trends that you believe will be good for your users. The trends keep coming and going. So, just believe in yourself and try something unique and different and we are sure you will stand out from the crowd.