7 Clever Ways To Improve Your Offline Marketing Strategy

So you have formulated your online marketing strategy and put it to action, but you are still not reaching all the people that you want. This means that maybe it’s time you focus your efforts on your offline marketing strategy as well, because it is a fact that the two go together hand in hand. While your online strategy takes care of the internet-savvy people, there is a lot of customers out there who prefer more tangible forms of advertising. So here are 7 clever ways to improve your offline marketing strategy and cater to that part of your audience as well.


Direct-mail catalogs

Direct-mail catalogs are a necessary asset to your offline marketing strategy. They can do more than just present your products and services to both your loyal and potential customers – they can incorporate promotional offers and enable your clients to order what they want through telephone or mail. In order to successfully combine your online and offline efforts, your catalogs should also contain the web address to your online catalogs. The reason that direct-mail catalogs still work is the fact that people like tangible materials that they can browse anywhere. They are also bound to get shared around, which increases your reach. Use clever design to offer valuable content to your customers.

Digital signage

Research has shown that digital signage entices customers about 70% more than online ads. This is why it is essential that you implement it into your offline marketing strategy. Digital signage should be a part of your physical presence – your office, event space, and the like. Similarly to online marketing techniques, it enables you to create content that is specifically suited to your audience via schedules and playlists. You can present images, videos, social media dashboards and general news to your audience to keep them interested. If you don’t have a physical space yourself, invest in local businesses and shops that have digital displays to do the job for you.

Flyers and brochures

High-quality brochures and flyers are an immediate way to attract the attention of a potential customer. They should supply an overview of your products and services, and include your business address and contact numbers. Next to that, they should contain information that attracts customers, such as special discounts and free delivery options. It is also a great idea to offer discounts to people who share them with a friend. Your flyers and brochures should contain a call tracking number so that you can ascertain how well they pan out.


Sponsoring events is a great way to present your business by connecting with your customers in a physical space. There is a lot of power in interacting with your customers face-to-face. It creates a strong personal experience that is much easier to remember than the one online. If you have the necessary budget, you should have an exhibit at a tradeshow. You could also donate your work space to an event that relates to your audience. This is a great way for your potential clients to get to know about your business in a cozy environment.

Banners and posters

Since people are visual beings, you should make the best out of your visual assets. Experts for banner printing in Sydney say that placing high quality posters and banners at the right places outdoors and indoors in your area are bound to attract the attention of people passing by, and quite possibly turn them into new customers. Your promotional product needs to be placed upfront so that it gains the most attention. Next to that, you should include your website address and contact details, so that your potential clients know how to get a hold of you, to learn more about what you have to offer.

Appearing in local business journals

As a physical alternative to online ads, print advertisements still do their job well, and offer you creative solutions that can help you reach your potential clients. Nothings beats sharing your knowledge and expertise with a business that caters to the same niche. By working with local business publications you get the chance to boost your credibility and establish yourself as an expert. It’s a great way to have your name put out there, making it easier for you to create a network of opportunities.

Package your products in a unique way

In case that you’re selling a physical product amongst a strong competition, it is essential that your packaging is enticing and innovative. There are various ways that you can improve on how your brand is exposed on the shelves by implementing creative ideas into your package. For example, a good idea is to implement recycled materials into your packaging. You can also offer free items such as stickers with every sold item, so that it is easier to spread the word about your business.

In summation

Your marketing strategy needs to focus both on your online and offline efforts to successfully pan out. Use the benefits of tangible marketing forms to your advantage. Incorporate these 7 methods in order to reach a wider audience and increase your sales.