7 Confidence Building Tactics for Success in the Workplace

Having attained your degrees and qualifications and landed your dream job, you’re probably poised to make it big in the workplace. Should you put together a checklist of everything you need to do to climb the corporate ladder quickly, one of the key elements on that list will be confidence. Proficiency, talents, and skills can help you only if you have the self-assurance to use them and excel at your job. So, what are the confidence building strategies you need in the workplace? Read ahead and find out.

1. Take on Every Challenge that Comes Your Way

Take on every assignment and project that’s thrown at you even if you feel you aren’t equipped or qualified enough to handle it. Then, find out everything you can about the facets involved and what you can do to deliver in the best possible way. Being well informed will give you an added edge so you can prepare to tackle every aspect of the task with flair. Each challenge you overcome successfully will translate into a great confidence building tool.


2. Assess the Talents and Capabilities You Bring to the Table

Evaluate the key competencies you possess that can prove to be assets for the company, at present and in the future. Believe in your capabilities and being awesome at what you do. Remember that you landed the job because you were the best in a bunch of candidates and the company managers chose you because they saw potential in your talents. When creating proposals for new projects or asking for promotions, talk about your achievements to prove that you’re capable of dealing with them and their responsibilities for the success of the company.

3. Face the Negatives and Failures

Fearing that you might fail is a natural trait but don’t let that stop you from doing the best you can at your job. There might be times when you’re responsible for breaking a deal or a loss for the company. Take responsibility and do what you can to mitigate the losses. Come up with damage control measures on your own and learn from your mistakes. Most important, use the errors as confidence building strategies because you will have learned what not to do when handling the next assignment. Having identified the skills you lack, you can train in them and advance your abilities. You’ll earn respect and reliability from your bosses and peers.


4. Surround Yourself with People Who Believe in You

Whether at home or work, spend time with people who trust in you and your capabilities. If you have to deal with critics, think about how to use their feedback to improve, personally and professionally. However, if the criticism is uncalled for, pass it off as unfair and remind yourself of all the positives in your corner. Don’t let the words get you down and instead focus on the reasons behind the bad feedback. Let your hard work and dedication prove them wrong.

5. Use Your Body Language to Spell Confidence

Always walk with your head held high, shoulders squared, and back straight. Walk with a spring in your step and always be cool and collected no matter what the situation is. Smile a lot and be pleasant when interacting with the people at work. The positive attitude you exude is a great confidence building strategy, both for you and your colleagues. They’ll come to rely on you to handle any situation efficiently without losing your calm.

6. Dress Well and Groom Yourself Carefully

Yet another effective confidence building strategy is the knowledge that you look good. Before stepping out of the house to get to work, check your appearance carefully. Make sure your clothes are ironed, neat, and up-to-date. Keep shoes polished and restrict makeup to the minimum. Avoid jewelry and any accessory that takes attention away from your work and persona. Absolutely avoid body odor by showering in the morning and wearing mild deodorant or perfume that will not overpower each room you walk into.

Professor Karen Pine at the University of Hertfordshire and author of the book, Mind What You Wear, says, “We know our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us. Now research shows what we wear affects us too. Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes.” She goes on to explain that, “not only that we are what we wear, but that we become what we wear.”


7. Pay Attention to Your Hair

The hair care industry is a multi-million dollar industry and that’s because both, men and women link their self assurance levels to how their hair looks. Ask any woman and she will tell you that bad hair days typically lead to everything going wrong. Studies have also shown that thinning hair and balding patches make men feel unsure and insecure. And, the insecurity that comes from bad hair is invariably projected in a lack of self-assurance in the workplace.

The expert dermatologists at BHRC, the Los Angeles hair transplant clinic reveal, “We have men coming in with hair loss issues all the time. Depending on the extent of their hair loss, we recommend the right solutions. Just having a fuller head of hair makes men feel more in control of their lives and careers.”

Using these 7 confidence building strategies can help you reach new heights of success at work. In addition, adopt whatever tools that work for you and contribute to your self-assurance. Read about the lives of famous personalities you look up to and place inspirational quote cards in plain view at home and on your desk. Being reminded of your positives traits will help you create that sense of positivity that is so essential for long-term success in everything you do.