A Helpful Guide to Shopping for Bluetooth Speakers

Together with smartphones, tablets, and countless hands-free devices, Bluetooth speakers seem to be part of the trend lately. Everyone wants to be able to play their music through booming speakers without the need to fix cords or untangle wires. And with the popularity of beach parties, picnics with friends, and other group activities, being able to play the music loudly without the hassle of setting up traditional speakers seems to be more convenient.

Bluetooth works through exchanging data through frequencies between the audio source and the speaker. Which is why on a lazy day at home, if you just want to surround yourself with sound, you can do so with just a few swipes on your phone. However, some people find it daunting when they go out to shop for Bluetooth speakers. That is pretty understandable since there are a lot being offered in the market today.

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To help you decide which kind if Bluetooth to buy, you can browse through a website like this http://www.harveynorman.com.au/headphones-audio-music/sound-systems/portable-speakers/ue-boom-2-portable-bluetooth-speaker.html?options=cart from Harvey Norman, or you can browse through our list of things to look for when shopping for Bluetooth speakers.

Preferred equipment size

Because there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there with different specifications, thinking about its size is probably the last of your concerns. But actually, picking out the size meant knowing where you are most likely going to use it. One of our problems with some of the traditional speakers is that it is too bulky, and then the wires add extra weight to what might have been a lighter load in your car. Bluetooth speakers come in bulky sizes too, but you can choose ones that you can keep in your backpack or even your pocket.

Smaller or pocket-sized speakers can be used for picnics, beach trips, use for your room only, and any other setting where one or only a few people are listening. You can even use this one for your home But let us say you have an entertainment room in your house where the television and the music is mostly played, you can choose a much larger speaker. You can also use bigger ones for gigs or for parties.

Speaker arrangement

Other than its size, you need to look at the speaker arrangement or the speaker size. Some low-end Bluetooth speakers tend to have only one single speaker which will deliver really dull tunes. But if you want to hear your music over the noise of your surroundings you want with that comes with larger speakers and a higher wattage. If you want to drown out loud crowds and noise with an equally louder music, you need to choose larger speakers with even more louder.

Battery capacity

Like all portable devices, your Bluetooth speaker will need constant power if you want to keep using it the whole day without an outlet in sight. There are portable chargers, kind of like the ones you use for your phone, that will help you recharge your speaker once it runs out of juice. However, when you are about to buy your speaker, there are ways to know how long its battery will last in a full day’s use.

There are two ways to approach this. One would be asking about its battery size relative to the power it needs to run. For instance, some speakers have a 1,400 mAh battery while others have a higher battery capacity. However, the 1,400 mAh only requires less power to run because it is smaller than the other speakers. These usually pack a 12-hour juice in its system, so you can use it to play music for the whole duration of the trip.

Another way would be to find out if the Bluetooth speaker has the capacity to battery share. This means that at one point, you can plug in your phone to the speaker through a USB cable and let them share batteries.

Let this guideline help you the next time you go out to shop for portable Bluetooth speakers.

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