Advancing Career Through Intelligent Use Of Social Media

Do you seek to advance in business and take your professional career to the next level? One of the tools at your disposal is the intelligent use of social media and the Internet at large. Let’s be honest, we are living in the day and age with high dependency of the Internet. Everything and everyone is connected. This naturally can be used to your advantage through network with the right people and presenting yourself online in the best possible way. Social media can greatly help you in marketing yourself in your area of expertise and with boosting your professional credibility.


Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has over the years become a popular platform among business people, both for those who are looking for some new recruits, or for those who are looking for a job. So naturally, having properly filled profile on this network is a crucial element in presenting yourself professionally on the Internet. Be sure to have appropriate photo, available resume, list of your past working experience with recommendations, list of skills and so on. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that in some cases having profile on LinkedIn is mandatory for applying for certain jobs. This social network carries a lot of weight these days, and as soon as you embrace it and use it properly, it can only help you in making the next big step in your professional life.


Have a Personal Web Page

A personal web page gives you a chance to promote yourself or your brand on your own terms. See this as your online business card. This is a place where you can provide closer and more detailed look on your set of skills, present your past and future projects, link to your business achievements and so on. Of course, it is important to say that page needs to have clean and professional look. Recommended tool for maintaining your page is WordPress. One of the most popular CMS today which offers easy to navigate interface and plethora of visual themes for your page. And since it’s SEO friendly out of the box, it will do magic for your online presence.


Run a Blog in Your Area of Expertise

It’s always good idea to implement blog on your personal web page. This is a prefect way to let your personality shine. It is also wonderful way to show your knowledge in the area of expertise through your writing. Be sure to give your opinions on the news and innovations from the field. While doing so always maintain professional level of writing and communication with your readers. Also, try to blog on regular basis. There’s no point in writing just two posts now and one more in the next few months. You need to give reasons for visitors to be involved with your writing, so offer them something new every so often. Engage in discussion and offer advice if asked. Your audience will appreciate it.


Use Facebook and Twitter For Networking

With Facebook and Twitter having such a huge and varied user base, it’s only natural to take advantage of that and use them as a tool for communication, promotion and most importantly – networking. Don’t be shy on these networks, get in touch with other people who share same interest as you, and act in the same field of business as you are. This can be highly beneficial, especially if you are sharing your own work there and giving insights from your area of expertise. But remember, always stick to the subject, be professional in your writing, and be polite to everyone. It’s easy to get stranded and dragged in meaningless discussions and online arguments. Be above all of that.


These basics will give you good basics to start branding and presenting yourself professionally online. But be aware that this is not an easy and fast process. All this takes time, but be sure that it will pay off as you go on. Internet is here to stay, and we should use all of its benefits to advance ourselves.