The Android Studio: A Dedicated IDE for Android App Development

The smart phones and tablets and other smart devices installed in buildings and vehicles may be powered by different operating systems such as Windows, IOS and Android. Hardware developers build devices with the best adaptability to the operating system with which they prefer to power their products. They prefer operating systems which offer the best user experience and application compatibility.

The Android Operating System has dominated the smart phone market with a firm grasp of 76% lead on the market. Initially, other Operating Systems stood a chance to compete with this software giant but were soundly defeated thanks to the convenience with which application developers found in making creative and cutting edge Android Application. Below are some of the most significant merits that the Android Studio presents for developers when creating APKs.

  • Easy-to-Understand User Interface

While most IDEs combine different tools to allow developers to design applications and programs for different devices that are powered with different operating systems, the Android Studio is not. The Android Studio is dedicated to Android App Development only. One of the most prolific and popular IDEs that allows developers to make applications for different operating systems is Eclipse. Even though Eclipse is significantly easier to use compared to other generalized IDEs, it is overwhelming to a new user compared to the Android Studio. While generalized IDEs are clustered with different tools with different icons, the Android Studio features icons and tools relevant for Android App Development Only. Its menu, moreover, is neat and well labeled with an increased visibility of its different icons. Developers get used to the Android Studio pretty easily.

  • Ease in Introducing Incremental Changes

Developers rely on peer feedback and reviews to determine the efficiency of their APKs. Most of the time, when they determine that the codes on which their applications are based need rectification, they always have to start from scratch. Others are luckier and only need to waste time and energy by restarting the application. However, developers using the Android Studio are the luckiest because they only need to run the APK code through the Android Studio Instant Run Emulator to view how their code changes affect the application in real time.

  • Increased Accuracy and efficiency

The Android Studio features the Code Editor and the Cloud Test Lab Integration. While the Code Editor increases a developer’s accuracy by edging out logical and numerical errors, the Cloud Test Lab Integration increases efficiency. Efficiency is defined as using minimum effort to create maximum results. The Cloud Test Lab Integration increases efficiency by allowing developers to test an application’s functionality on different devices virtually inside the phenomenal IDE.

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