Asp.Net Application Development Ways With Visual Studio

How application development process will be done in general? Is it possible to develop android app with learning Java or iOS without Mac? More importantly, is there any way to develop mobile app for three platforms using single code? After the invention of mobile, it keeps growing day by day. Now users can access each and every website through it as in the form on mobile sites, web apps and mobile apps. So more and more developers looking to get into the mobile. If you see from April 1995 to the latest release of Visual Studio, there is no sign of slowing down this technology. But there are several questions arises for developers. application development

Asp.Net Application Development – Responsive Web

Mobile apps and web apps use the same technologies and typically includes HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. When you start development with Visual Studio, typically start with a new project. Recent general approach is develop responsive website. So the layout and content is scaled according screen sizes. You can find the best sample in Visual Studio is the Web Forms project template. It contains two master pages. Out of them, one designed for desktop and another designed for mobile. So if you open website on the small device, there is some change in appearance. In upper right-corner contains links of pages such as home, about us, contact us, etc.

Mobile Optimized Pages

How to make this web forms mobile friendly? Whenever web forms detect that a mobile browser is being used, then it sets itself according to device. It is possible, if developers add the Default.Mobile.aspx to that project with simple h2 tag “Mobile Browser”.

Every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage to build mobile app with Visual Studio is, developers can reuse the UI and core logic. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for approval from any app store to deploy it. The drawback is, developers have limitations in terms of device APIs to work upon, have no store discoverability.

Hybrid App Development

As the name said, Hybrid app is the mix of web and native apps. It has tendency to combine the best from both into the small package to deploy via app store. In application development, some device specific APIs have direct access of this. These APIs use same technologies as web apps, but run within hybrid container such as Apache Cordova.

Native Apps Development

These apps are written in specific platform based SDKs and they have access of all the device APIs. To build native apps, developers use vendor’s development tools directly. If we talk about Visual Studio, it support to build Windows phone apps. But to build native Android app, then developers have to install Eclipse or Android Studio and speed up with Java & XML. The same goes to build native iOS app and developers will need Mac & XCode with well understanding of Objective C.

As we discovered vast variety of options to create mobile apps within Visual Studio. But eventually, it comes down to choose the right technology.