Basic Information Of Android Point Of Sale System

stand-swipeiConnect is android application that will allow you to do online shopping and other services. If you have installed this application in your smart phone, you will enjoy all services just sitting at your home. No need to go to anywhere for any service. Just use this application in your smart phone. iConnect is basically based on Android point of sale system. This application can be customized as per your need and will match all your traditional point of sale systems.

This iConnect Android pos system enhances more features like creating relationships with customers, manage all employees, book appointments and check next appointments in calendar, make sales and generate reports of all day to day tasks. For placing your order, just register yourself with iConnect and start to place the order that items you need. Now, your placed order will be in your hand with sometime. Point of sale system has effective features which are given below:

  • Point of sale – cash register
  • Customer relationship management
  • Employee management
  • Each login to each customer
  • Employee limit to access features
  • Create employee schedule
  • Booking
  • Book appointment and check them in calendar
  • Multiple appointments at same time
  • Check out adds all services to your account
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Back office management
  • Reports
  • 55 different reports are available in this point of sale system like sales, inventory valuation, weekly balance, payroll and many more.

Now, you have some information about android pos and we will discuss about iConnect pos here:

  • iConnect is EVM based which makes it more difficult for fraudsters to use duplicate debit cards and credit cards. This will help to protect customers and business.
  • Android pos system iConnect saves your all transactions in it for future use. Most recent transactions are stored in the device and you can check them with or without internet connection. On the single screen of iConnect, allow you to see all transaction details, refund process and print of receipts.
  • Each and every employee has to enter his or her employee pin to check in or check out from android pos. if you are an employee under iConnect android pos system, your check in and checkout time will calculate your working hours. On the basis of your working hours, you daily payment will be transferred to your iConnect account. This is simple and best application to grow business in all aspects.