Best Android apps related to writing Journals

Below listed are the best Android apps related to writing Journals:


Gratitude Journal


This app comes into the picture for users who find it tough to think positively or be appreciative of things in life. This amusing and user-friendly app provides tasks every day regarding positive thinking and also allows the users to note down for what they are thankful for along with the reason for being grateful. This app is a good choice to inculcate such a good practice among its users.


Moleskine Journal


Finally, Moleskine has taken into consideration and designed an app for the popular journal. The user accessing the Moleskine Journal app has a range of paper choices encompassing blank, ruled, downloadable templates etc to select from. This excellent app constitutes an assorted range of various pencils, brushes, and pens to use provided the user likes doodling. Another favored characteristic integrated into the app is passcode lock which can be used to lock particular pages or a whole book.


Day Journal


With this app, the user can journal how much ever they want. A swift entry along with a small briefing can be done if nothing eventful happened that day. Supposing the users are on a holiday, they can record every single detail which is feasible as they can tag the logs for future purpose. An additional captivating characteristic integrated into the app is “What I Did This Time Last Year”. This feature allows users to navigate and access various memories with relative ease rather than searching the complete journal.


Minute Journal


Like Gratitude Journal, this Journal app supports in emphasizing thankfulness and positiveness. However, it stresses regarding it to a substantial extent. This app motivates users to provide details in the morning or otherwise if 5 minutes are allocated, it can be filled during any time of the day which contributes an aura of positiveness.


Provided the user is organized, then they can form a habit regarding entering details both for the morning and evening questions which in the case of the former is to augment the spirit of the day while the latter gives emphasis towards reflecting. If the user wants to upgrade their attitude and how they react to particular circumstances then Minute Journal is indispensable for them


Personal Journal


This app is a wonderful amalgamation of a daily journal and a gratitude journal which allows users to tape a day’s events with the focus being on thankfulness. The structure and design of the app are simple and user-friendly. Another captivating component is the Passcode Lock. A photo can be uploaded by the user which defines the particular day with further emphasis on shaping their skills and accumulating additional memories.




Mirror is an entertaining app where users can sketch down and dish out their ideas. The user’s present mood can also be integrated into the app while making an entry so that they can go back and understand their precise reaction in various circumstances. It notes the time of entry along with the location.


Voice recordings can be integrated and the user’s entries can be marked for execution in particular locations. A copy of the entire journal can also be generated. When venturing into various entries the user can also navigate by location and the weather as well. This app is recommended for people who want an easily operatable and fruitful app.


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