Best socializing apps in Android

Having an Android Smartphone and a working Internet connection is everything you need to explore the world of free socialising through your phone. Android based mobile phones have grown tremendously through the year and continuing to rule the mobile market mainly in view of the huge amounts of free applications accessible for Android .

Nowadays, your Android phone might be a remarkable correspondences centre point, giving you a chance to stay in contact with companions, partners and acquaintances, regardless of where you are on the planet. These apps get to be progressively critical as person to person communication gets more portable and the business world keeps on operating from mobiles. There are a few apps that let you talk, share documents and make free voice calls utilizing your phone’s 3g and Wi-Fi systems. Here are some top socialising apps.

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is accessible for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia Symbian and Asha. That has served to impel the application’s mass appreciation. It is free for the first year and $0.99 a year after that. This is because the WhatsApp don’t offer ads of any type.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a voice call application that claims almost 10 million and has a normal Google Play Store rating of 4stars out of a conceivable 5 from app users.

This application gives you a chance to give out one number and have it ring on a phone, at home, at work thus on – all in the meantime. You can listen into voicemail, as with a traditional recoded answering machine.


Skype, the king of free Internet calling, took a long to relocate to the Android stage cross-system, however it’s presently here. Since it works comprehensively, not at all like Google Voice, which in numerous different ways offers unrivalled usefulness. Android’s Skype application has the well known, free Skype to Skype calling that has let loved ones unite financially with one another comprehensively a lot of people maybe surprisingly.

Facebook Messenger

We all know Facebook is the king of social network. The Facebook messenger was introduced a long time ago but it is constantly experiencing up gradation. This app lets you to be online at Facebook all time, receive notifications and message without any hassle. There are group chat options available and you can also send stickers along with the chat. This app consumes very less data.


The free application Android adaptation of website LinkedIn gives you a chance to join with experts from anyplace. Sync your gadget’s schedule with your LinkedIn profile data to get information about the individuals who are in your gatherings, and view and spare suggested employments with a couple of taps. Also, this expert systems administration app is an incredible approach to search for an occupation or competitors for an employment opportunity.


Snapchat enables people send picture messages to companions quickly. Photographs consequently erase after a maximum of 10 seconds, which makes the free application frequently utilized for sending ridiculous (or scandalous) shots. Be watchful, however: users can take screen-shots of your pictures, yet you’ll accept a notice if a screen has been gotten.