Best Windows 8 apps that Entertain Kids

If you’re using Windows 8 Operating System on your PC and if used properly it can be the best source of learning for your Kids because it has some great apps which entertain kids which teach something useful to children’s. There are many apps which you will find in Windows app store but we have selected Best Windows 8 Entertaining apps for kids.
As a parent we care about our children’s very much and we want to see them always happy and smiling for that we have to fulfill their wishes. Small children saw their parents working on PC and even their big brothers sister also uses computer which attracts them also. But always saying them “You are small going and study” can hurt them.
So do understand them what they want.So Windows 8 is a stunning platform for children, Windows 8 has so many apps that help your children learn by fun. In Modern times kid are very much interested in spending their time rather than going out. So to utilize their free time also you should download BestWindows 8 Apps that Entertain kids from Windows App store which teaches something new to your child without getting bored.

Top 5 Best Windows 8 apps for Kids are:-


Paint 4 Kids

Paint for kids is a painting app for kids supported by windows 8. This app is majorly popular in kids as they love to use this simple painting app. This app contains some built in images which are colorless and children love to fill these images with color of their imagination.
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This app helps to improve their remembering power for kid in learning the use of color and imagining power. Children can add their desired shapes also to the images by changing the modes. Even they can save this picture and take it print to show their friends and relatives.

Bubble Stars

Bubble Star is fun loving app, kid likes to play this game very often. It is a bubble shooting game designed by Windows 8 for their users. It is a very easy to play game, simple match three color and they will pop similar like candy crush i.e. an addictive game in teenagers. Music and graphic of these games attract your kids to play more and more.

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As soon as they will complete the level all bubbles will be pop out. It is also an addictive game among kids; many children love to spend their free time in this game only.


Number Magic

Number magic is developed by Metro Gems for Windows 8 users, where kids can easily learn number system. It’s an educational game and very popular among kids. Your kids can self proactive maths and can also develop basic mathematical skill like: – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

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It is very simple to start and especially designed for kids. In this game there are 3 Difficulty level: – Easy, medium and hard. Scratchboard is also provided in this game so that they can perform their rough work also.


Cats Puzzle

I guess there is no person who had never played puzzle game in his life from adults to kids everybody like this game very much. Similarly Cats Puzzle is also a unique puzzle game for kid which is very much interesting and addictive game on Windows Platform.


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In this app there is a picture of cats which is broken in the parts of puzzle just you have to do is put the right part at right place. It is very easy to play and brainstorming game in this game you can change modes and even there are different difficulty levels available. Children mostly love this game due to its background music.


My Baby Piano Free

My baby piano is very well known and popular app in Windows app store. This is a very interesting musical app for kids and especially designed for those who loves or interested in music. For Kids to learn basic music then this app is the best choice for it.

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There are various types of children’s music, drumming and music has been stored in it. Kids can add various types of drum sounds in it according to their preference. In free version app you will be handed with some basic features but in paid version you will get some amazing features which is of worth to children on Apps For Windows 8 .

I hope you will like all the Top 5 Best Windows 8 apps that Entertain Kids. Feel free to share this article with others if you found it is useful to them.