Can This Game Really Make You More Productive?

How many times you have really heard that a game is making you more productive? We guess, it would be very limited number of times. Yes, there are some games out there that can make you more productive and add value to your personality. One such game is Indian Rummy. Even though, you may be thinking it is just a card game, this game can actually do value addition. Here are the ways it is making you more productive in your approach towards different things.

It makes you think fast

If you want to win in rummy, you just have to think fast, there is not much choice. Your moves have to be quick and sharp. This will help you gain focus and make important decisions, even when you are under pressure.

When you are playing rummy regularly, this becomes your second nature. You know, there is less time on hand and if you make a wrong judgement, then you can lose the game. So, think fast and think right.

Helps you manage stress effectively

We get stressed due to different things in our life. But getting weighed down by that stress is bad. This stress can be caused due to work, lifestyle or other factors as well. However, a rummy player will look at stress very differently. Since, rummy games are packed with intensity, it is easy to get tensed up, especially when real money is involved. But, they know how to handle this stress. They don’t let stress cloud their judgment and they can focus on the game with complete concentration. In fact, the smarter they get with the game, the less stressed they are. So, one thing you can take away from the game is being at peace even in the most challenging situations.

Makes your memory sharp

If you want to be productive, you need to think fast and remember whatever you are working with. Having a sharp memory is the first step in trying to achieve more in less time. Rummy needs you to remember the cards you have discarded and also remember your opponent’s cards to a certain extent. The better you are with the game, the sharper your memory. So, play more within the rummy rules and make your memory sharper.

Your analytical skills grow

Rummy needs you to work on your analytical skills. Every day when you play rummy, you need your analytical skills to help you make quick calculations and help you win the game. Without your quick calculations, you can’t really win the card game. That’s why, rummy is called a game of skill. Of course, with sharp calculations, you only get more productive in every aspect of your life.  

So, will you still say that rummy can’t make you productive?