Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate from Authorised Reseller

If you are in need of an SSL certificate and wondering to find a place where you can get it from. Your search should end here. Several sites claim to offer you trusted certificates. Hold on till you take your final decision. The best option for all your needs in SSL certification and allied online security products is

Who are is known for the cheapest SSL certificates that they offer. The certificates offered by them are authenticated by world’s renowned certificate authorities. The names include Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, GlobalSign, and AlphaSSL among others.

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What are Wildcard SSL certificates?

Wildcard SSL certificates are similar to the regular SSL certificate. But they can be used to secure your multiple subdomains. They can be used to secure an unlimited number of subdomains.

The wildcard SSL certificates come with * or asterisk just before your domain name. This would be helpful when you are using a multitude of subdomains. The wildcard SSL certification will help you get protection across all your subdomains.

For instance, let us assume you have domain by the name,, using an asterisk while ordering your wildcard SSL certificate will ensure that all the variations of your domain. That would mean all your subdomains like


will have the security that the SSL certificate protection you have bought. The wildcard certification will help you get complete protection against any kind of security breach.

Here are a few products that ensure you enhanced security across your subdomains –

Certificate Authorities Price
AlphaSSL Wildcard $ 42 per year
Positive SSL wildcard $ 54 per year
RapidSSL Wildcard $ 84 per year


What makes SSL2BUY a better choice?

There are many SSL certificate providers, and the functionality of the certification remains similar across all of them. Why opt for SSL2BUY then? Well, there are few obvious reasons.

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The SSL2BUY website offers you an excellent option for buying the SSL certification. It does offer you an excellent navigation and ease of use. You can easily go to the product page and find the products that would best suit you. The site also provides you some excellent ideas about the best products that suit your requirements. The customer support plays a major role here.

The Concluding Thoughts

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