How to Check your IMEI, Check your imei SN for Carrier, Blacklisted, iCloud and Blocked IMEI

How do you find out if your iPhone is blacklisted or locked by T-Mobile Carrier? Well, the iPhone Carrier checker is an IMEI device which will permit you to know whether or not your iPhone is clean or blocked by SN, ESN or IMEI code.

The moment you put in the IMEI, you will know if your T-Mobile iPhone is financed, clean, blacklisted, blocked or has outstanding balance. The IMEI number is very important to get this info and it can be retrieved by two methods.

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go To “General”
  • Choose “About”
  • The IMEI will appear in front of you.

The second way through which you can get your IMEI on your screen is by dialing *#06#* and you will get your IMEI displayed on the screen.

But there are few points which you should consider before making use of this tool:

  • Ensure you have the correct IMEI
  • Make sure you know where your iPhone is locked to. You can confirm it by making use of iPhone carrier checker.
  • Find out whether the phone is activated or not.
  • Fill the order form by typing in the correct iPhone IMEI.
  • Click on the Submit tab.
  • Once you click Submit, you will know whether your iPhone is clean or blocked.

Now you can be sure whether the ESN is clean or bad. Remember, that the blacklisted devices cannot be used with a lot of mobile operators.

How to unlock an iPhone?

If you have a missing Apple ID or password, then get rid of the iCloud Lock first.

  • Get your IMEI.
  • Select the Unlock Provider
  • Request for iPhone Unlock

Devices are usually listed by their unique IMEI number.

How do you find out if your iPhone is on the blacklist?

A blacklisted iPhone can work via Wi-Fi, but you will not be able to send messages, call or make use of Mobile Data. When you report about the burglary of your iPhone, then you get it removed from Blacklist.

If an iPhone ends up in your hands  in this condition, then you bring it to the real wireless carrier, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and they may able to contact the owner get the details about.

What do you do if your iPhone has poor ESN or blacklisted IMEI?

  • Ask the seller to refund your complete amount. EBay and Amazon have good refund regulations. However, if you have got it from Craigslist, then it may not be possible.
  • Use it as an iPod or Gaming console.
  • Get the ESN or IMEI cleaned. Speak to your carrier and request to remove the IMEI from the blacklist.
  • Remove the logic board.
  • Unlock it and resale it to someone else.
  • Sell it out as spare parts.
  • Sell it out internationally as it is blacklisted locally.

Having a phone blacklisted or with bad ESN is a serious trouble, but remember not all is lost. You can do a lot of things mentioned above and make your escape out of this issue.