How to choose the best night vision scope

The idea of being able to see clearly in the dark environments is obviously an exciting one. Whether you are a hunter, a soldier, a law enforcement officer or in a competition, a night vision scope gives you an edge in low lighting conditions. This form of optic technology provides you with optimal accuracy enhancing your chances of success. However, not all the scopes you find in the market will fulfill your needs. You must know how to choose the best night vision scope if your desire is to be the best in the activity you are using the rifle in.

Fortunately for you, we have got your back. The following pointers may be just what you need to make the right decision and go home with the prize.

Which are the features in night vision scope that you should lookout for?

1.      Clarity

The best form of optic technology is the one that has a high-level optical clarity. You will agree that the device that enables you to see in the dark must score highly in terms of resolution and contrast. As far as hunting and tactical operations are put into the question, the resolution is critical. This particular factor helps you make a positive identification of the target.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a high-resolution device without compromising on contrast. Of course, you will get images with perfect details if you have a high-resolution scope with low contrast. However, you will have trouble making distinctions. If the resolution is low and the contrast is high, larger details will be distinct, but the clarity will be low. The best scope has a well-matched contrast and resolution.

2.      The Range

Your concern should be on the recognition range as opposed to the total range when choosing a night vision scope. The most common recognition ranges include the quarter moon, starlight, overcast, and full moon. The range of each scope differs in terms of ambient lighting. Check the recognition range before you purchase that best EOTech you have been admiring.

3.      Ergonomics

Ergonomics has a lot to do with the price you are willing to pay for a night vision device. However, ergonomics also depends on personal preference. You must always keep in mind that the higher the magnification, the heavier the equipment. It is always best to go with a lighter scope as it is comfortable, easier to use and does not get in the way of maneuverability. You will be better off with a lighter optic if you want to be a more efficient hunter.

Concluding Remark

The best night vision scope should be highly ergonomic, have a decent resolution and an ideal range. However, that is not all there is to a perfect night vision device. You need a piece of equipment that is durable and can withstand the extremes of weather. Also, check for a scope that is both shock and water resistant. All this is possible if your scope’s design is of high-quality material.