5 Things a Cloud Hosting Company Must Have

All cloud hosting companies claim to be the best but before you select yours you must find the provider that can live up to its claims. Among the hundreds of cloud hosts, you have to select the best for your business. You must be capable to identify the core features offered and then compare the cloud hosting companies on the basis of the features so as to find the best and valuable cloud hosting company.

Here are five of the features you should see to find the best company. So let’s find out what are the basic

Things a Cloud Hosting Company Must Have?


A good cloud hosting provider guarantees to keep your website up for most of the times so that there is uninterrupted view for your traffic. So the companies usually have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% which means that your website will be down less than 0.1% of the total time.

It is impossible for a web hosting company to provide 100% uptime. You must check sites that are running under the particular web host company and see if they are up most of the time. Moreover, the people reviews also provide the insights about the uptime and speed etc. A company that provides low uptime not only affect your SEO but also divert your customers to your competitors.


The amount of bandwidth you have determines how many visitors you can allow on your site. In the case of shared hosting providers mostly companies put no restrictions and offer an unlimited number of visitors. But in cloud hosting most of the providers clearly specify the bandwidth. There is no need to worry as a valuable company provides enough to handle the low to high traffic projects, so just make the right choice while selecting the plan.

Storage Space

Storage Space lets you put files, videos, and pictures on your web site. A good cloud hosting provider clearly mentions the disk space you can use. So you need to anticipate your requirements before buying a plan. For example, I want to host a blog of descriptive nature then storage is not a problem as almost all of the companies offer enough to work smoothly.


Scalability is one of the foremost factors to look for when choosing the cloud server. This is essential because when your project grows then you need more resources to operate it seamlessly. Usually, a provider offers an option in their control panel where you can add more resources by just a few clicks.

24/7 Support

Placing your website under a great web host company does not mean that you would not have issues.

You must select the cloud host company that is able to provide you 24 hours support through live chats sessions or through emails. In my opinion, live chat is more important as you can receive instant help from this. DigitalOcean is one of the leading company in cloud services but as they have no live chat so the users mostly newbies search the alternatives to digitalocean.

I would suggest that you should test the company’s customer service before going into a contract with the company.


These are five features that any cloud hosting company would have in common. And the absence of such factors may get you in trouble.

These features are not just the ones provided by web host companies but these are the most important and common features that any web host company should provide. Compare the provisions of the best companies and then select the one that suits your needs the best.