Cozlink 40G optical module is the perfect answer to high speed network requirements

Cozlink 40G modules offer faster installation option compatible with ports

Shenzhen, China, 26.05.2017: Cozlink, an independent research and development company has come up with QSFP+ transceivers that would make the 40G connectivity a common affair. These transceiver modules can rightly be called an enhancement over 10G optical modules.

“Our 40G optical modules will have interfaces of both LC and MTP/MPO type looking at the increased relevance of these,” says the company spokesperson. The 40G optical modules are manufactured as per cabling standards prevalent in the industry. “In accordance with the prevailing trends, our line up of 40G optical modules are of 40GBase-SR4, 40GBase-LR4, 40GBase-IR4 type delivering data connectivity to the range of 100m, 10km, 2km respectively; therefore, these are ideal for both indoor and outdoor expansions,” he further added.

Cozlink 40G optical modules are made conforming to industrial quality standards such as IEEE802.3a, QSFP+ MSA and others.  The 40G QSFP+ IR4 and other optical transceivers are made to complement the extreme operating conditions and are fully functional at high temperature, high humidity as well as EMI interference. “our interconnects will be able to feed the networking demands of data centers and other 40G Ethernet connections”, company officials further added.

The biggest advantage of Cozlink 40G optical modules lies in the fact that these modules are compliant with RoHS. Thus, these modules are safe for environment and have all features fit for easy installation. The hot-pluggable feature further eases the installations and upgradations in the data center networks.

Present trend in 40G optical modules

The biggest challenge faced by the optical module manufacturers is to reduce the installation cost and also to make use of the existing infrastructure. Thus, 40G QSFP+ to four 10G SFP+ direct attach cable and active optical cable assembly compatible optical modules are trending in the present day market.

MPO/MTP connectors are the newest trend and are considered the most time-relevant addition to a high speed data center. These connectors consolidate the demand of patch panels and provide end-to-end connections between the devices. Thus, the ease of installation of 40G QSFP+ optical modules is ensured further with the help of these high performance connectors.

The use of breakout cables having an intelligence of their own is also promoted so that the power-efficient connections having minimal insertion and return loss can be established.

Time relevant features of Cozlink 40G optical modules

Cozlink has introduced quite time-relevant features in its 40G optical modules product line. The most important feature is interface for 40G QSFP+ to four 10G SFP+ breakout cables. Other important specifications worth watching for in the present generation Cozlink 40G optical modules are:

  • Data reach of 300m over OM3 and 400m over OM4 multimode fibers as ensured under 40GBASE-SR specifications
  • Single 1 x 12 MPO receptacle for enabling an MPO connection
  • An electrical interface compatible with copper cables for very short range top-rack connections
  • Power-efficient module consuming not more than 3.5W of power
  • CWDM wavelength impetus accepting modules for distances ranging to 2 km and beyond
  • Multi-rate capability feature ensuring better interchangeability – one can get 1 to 10Gbps of data rate per channel
  • In-built digital optical monitoring system for better control
  • Lead-free, certified as per RoHS standards
  • Plug-and-play mechanism to suit the need of real time downloading at the user’s end
  • Compatibility with all popular brands such as Brocade, Finisar, Huawei, Dell and others.

Top 3 applications of 40G optical modules

The sale of 40G optical modules has seen considerable ramping up in the recent times. Their popularity is attributed to the realistic design, ease of handle and applicability across wide range of devices and networking equipment. 40G optical modules are actually overshadowing the market of 10G counterparts because of the enhanced utility of the former in single mode fiber applications. Thus, the users prefer 40G optical modules for:

  • 40G Ethernet applications compatible with 40GBASE-SR, LR cabling standards
  • Link between breakout to 10GBase – SR Ethernet
  • Various interconnections of proprietary type
  • Single mode fiber enabled data connections

Cozlink 40G optical modules are the present generation connectivity solutions. These modules have upped the game of fiber optics specialists in data and mobile connectivity market and are seen as feasible solutions for seamless upgradation and expansions in high speed data networks. The next in the queue is 100G transceivers that are yet to gain foothold in the fiber optics market.

About Cozlink

Cozlink is the industry approved OEM manufacturer dealing in fiber optic products. The company is a trusted brand for transceivers, splitters, pigtails and optical cables fully compliant with industrial standards such as MSA, IEEE, IEC, ISO, RoHS and others.