Digital Marketing In 2017: SEO Strategies And Practices For 2017

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If you’ve been running a website and application for your business or may be you are into some sort digital marketing services, you should be pretty familiar with the concept of SEO which is born out of the fact that taking a business online for increased productivity through acquisition of more customers is one thing, but achieving that goal is another. To create brand awareness in the general public or better yet rank an online business, SEO comes into play. By the long chalks, it is attributed to several dots. How well the dots are connected factors the ranking position of a business. Moreso, over and over again, the dots continue to change or take an entirely different turn. You just can’t afford to lag behind. Hence, we give you a list of dots below to connect together for a robust SEO campaign towards  2017 which is running out pretty fast– but remember the there is a connection between now and the future- that is 2017 and 2018.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Users are obsessed with speed. Nobody– not even you want to spend seconds loading just a page. Don’t overload your website pages with irrelevant stuffs as that would cripple its performance. Fast loading pages contain few but very comprehensive and informative materials. For a normal blog page, a standard content of 500 to 1000 words will do. Too many color combination can be considered as irrelevant too . And they would for the most part undermine the performance of a website. Implement less colors but make certain they are well put together.

Content marketing and engagement is of the essence

Content marketing

A good SEO practice hinges majorly on content marketing and engagement. Through content, ideas, whether meant to sell products and services or create awareness in the general public, are communicated to the targeted audiences. Talking about engaging users with content, professionalism comes into play. All professional contents are contents but not all contents are professional contents. When a content cannot communicate to the users the ideas in it, it is said to be unprofessional– and more so, it won’t help achieve the desired result. Have professional contents which can compel users to stretch their limits created for every page of your website. All in all, give your targeted audience something to chew on through content engagement and marketing practice.

Build a robust social network for customer reachability

Part of a good SEO campaign is a robust social network. Just like ranking a website to a good position on organic search, building a robust social network for business is time and effort intensive with consistent practice of striving to engage users with professional content– this confirms that fact that content writing is the heart of SEO. As much as getting a network up and running is an apple pie, it pays out a lot. A social media network can be used to communicate ideas, make announcement and press releases, and offer online product support to customers. User response on social media tells how they feel about services or use of a product. Social media account helps determine user’s response which is used to devise effective means of approach as well as reachability.