Fantastic White Hat Link Building Tips for Local SEO

Handling SEO strategies for local businesses requires knowledge and application of some very specific strategies, ranging from cleaning up all technical issues with the website, and moving on to creating strong content, and then building an authoritative link base. Link building has to be organic as well as white-hat, meaning it has to be ethical and adherent to the terms set down by Google, otherwise all your effort will go to waste as the site would get blacklisted by their advanced algorithms. Here are the best ways to go about doing this.

Competitive Research

The first thing you must do is to target at least three top competitors in your field and then use a tool akin to Majestic to generate a backlink report. After that, search Google for the keywords you want rankings for, and take a note of the top 10 to 15 results. Next, you’ve got to hunt down a prospective linking partner. Once that is done, you must figure out a reason for them to want to link to your site or page. Ensure that all your information is relevant and available, and then reach out to them to request a link. You must be upfront and not hesitate to cold-call them because this is the only way you can reach out most of the times. What you can always do is look up the site, detect issues like broken links and suggest an easy way out for them by contacting the webmaster and offering them a substitute to those links on your own site worth linking to.

Maximize Content Publishing

Once your website is up and you have a basic idea of whatever it is you want to do, start a blog and begin publishing content as fast as you can. This way you can prove your expertise in your field and also get backlinks for people sharing these pages. Ensure that your content is robust, adds value to preexistent knowledge and solves issues within the industry. Make abundant use of listicles and infographics to get your point across, and also to ensure that these are things that the users can understand and also share quickly. This greatly boosts visibility. Any top social media marketing in Mumbai firm would be willing and able to handle the nitty-gritty of SEO for you.

Offsite Publishing Helps

Publishing on your own blog is imperative, but it could also be a good idea to contribute to other websites from within your industry. The two pillars of successful backlinking from third-party websites are sustained linking over a period of one to two years and consistency of at least twice a month. You’ve got to be flexible, move out of your comfort zone and find out from prospective publishers what exactly they are looking to put up on their website. You can sign up for Help a Reporter Out or HARO for extra resources too.

Highlight Credentials and Achievements

Whenever you are creating marketing material, besides making it top-quality, also make it a point to highlight your achievements. You must showcase all the badges, awards, and certifications you have received across all online platforms so as to show your expertise and build a brand worth linking back to. You must absolutely ask your clients whether they have credits or awards which can be used to build the brand image and establish credibility.

Giveaways and Contests for Engagement

One of the best ways to earn backlinks is a contest or a giveaway. Always ensure that you share these opportunities across all your social media platforms and also that there are many winners. This way you are also boosting the exposure of ads on your site.

Widgets or Games

Widgets are extremely useful and rather nifty. People can also be engaged through games, and these are things that they will readily share. By making it worth their while, you should be able to add value to the site, educate or entertain the visitors and also build a solid link base.

Get Placed in Listings

Directory listings are like extensive online phonebooks with a wide reach and a ton of information on the businesses that they feature. The two most prominent of the lot are Yext and Moz which are priced at around $200 and $85 each. Moz would submit to all five top data aggregators in the US, while Yext goes to over a hundred directories, including Yelp, Yahoo, Google and Bing. It is a good idea to register on both, as the return on the investment is huge.


With some discipline and a considerable amount of hard work, your white hat strategies will soon be organically bringing links and visitors to your site, drastically improving its ranking as well. This takes time but is worth it in the end because a reputation built organically is here to stay.