Get Benefited with the Features of Mobile Dialer

Features of Mobile Dialer

VoIP Mobile dialer helps you make cheap high-quality phone calls all over the world. Moreover, the service providers now offer a host of features to further enhance the experience of the users. If you are searching for a mobile dialer, make sure that you look for the features mentioned in this post.

While the majority of the internet users do know about VoIP, till recently it was only used for making calls from a PC to another PC or from a PC to mobile phones. However, the advancements in telecommunication technology now allow mobile users to call to another mobile phone with the help of a dialer app. Be it an Android or iOS, mobile dialers are compatible with all the latest handsets to allow users to make cheap calls all over the world.

Moreover, the providers of such mobile apps now offer a host of additional features to provide users with an enhanced communicating experience. Some of the features that one should look out for when selecting a dialer include-

Worldwide Compatibility

The mobile dialer you select should have worldwide compatibility irrespective of the country or the mobile network. While separate dialers were required for different countries in the past, there are now dialers that can be used from any part of the world to call any mobile all over the world.

Blocked Area Compatibility

VoIP calls are blocked in many areas. However, the modern dialers are able to pass through such network blockages to allow you to enjoy crystal-clear phone calls at the cheapest rates. They do so with the help of their advanced tunneling technology which effortlessly bypasses such network blocks.

Low Consumption of Bandwidth

One of the most important benefits of such dialers is their cost-efficiency. To further enhance the cost-savings, a lot of dialers are very light on bandwidth to ensure that minimum data is consumed for making calls. There are dialers that consume as low as 8kbps of data with the help of bandwidth saving technology which also makes them an ideal choice for areas with low bandwidth.

High-Quality Calls

A common problem with a lot of dialers is their poor phone call quality. Make sure that the dialer you select allows you to make crystal clear calls all over the world while still being cost-efficient and very easy to use.


A VoIP dialer should be as easy to use as a standard dialer in your phone. You should be able to save contacts and even access call logs of the calls made from the dialer. Apart from this, it should come with features like call hold/un-hold, call waiting, dialer code, redial, etc. to further add up to the convenience.

A dialer with all the above-mentioned features is the TP Smart Dialer from TelePacket. The company with its tunneling expertise has ensured that their dialer has a host of features to enhance the communicating experience for the customers. Apart from personal use, the dialer is also very commonly used by several VoIP service providers.

TP Smart Mobile Dialer


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