First Benefits of FAI’s Collaboration with Noosphere Ventures and Managing Partner Max Polyakov Are Here

The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) went into technical partner agreement with Noosphere Ventures on February 2, 2017. The agreement was signed by one of Noosphere Ventures’ managing partners Max Polyakov, the secretary general of FAI, Susanne Schödel and President Frits Brink. In the pact, Noosphere Ventures ensured that the digital infrastructure, event management and scoring system of the air sports body that has existed for 112 years will be properly updated.

Image credit: FAI 

When speaking about this agreement, Max Polyakov revealed that Noosphere Ventures is looking forward to ensuring that the wind of innovation blowing across the world is witnessed in the technical sports area as a result of this agreement.

The preliminary aspect of the activities involved in the innovation revolution was alleged in the World Games 2017 held in Wroclaw, Poland from July 20-30. Here, the Cup Navigator was adopted and experimented as the new system of scoring.

With it, data management was made easier and scoring more effective in the competition. It was experimented on three events only, but the result was awesome. So, the entire events in the next competition will work with it.

How to measure performance and results accurately has been a thorn in the flesh for the air sports. So, the Noosphere Ventures is gladdened by the expected outcome from these initiatives in this field that involves a lot of technicalities. Coming off with precise measurements while you are moving through hundreds of feet on the air is much more difficult than doing the same while on the ground. While the participants are battling to ensure that gravity is suppressed, it is the task of the umpires to ensure that errors are also avoided in measurements. Transparency and accuracy in scoring are what the new scoring board will enhance.

Noosphere Ventures’ Michael Ryabokon revealed that it’s been four years since the company started collaborating with FAI in the area of Space Modelling. He said that spreading their tentacles into gliding, ballooning, and paramotoring has been on the cards. He talked about their excitement at the realization that their solution is giving excellent results at the World Games.

She did not just offer the scoring solution alone. The website of the Air Sports Games was also reworked by Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures. The redesigned site now offers details about upcoming events, the biography of competitors, results, schedules, and other information.

One good thing about this is that World Games 2017 athletes are already witnessing the benefits of this innovation as against what was experienced in the previous events. FAI on its own is looking forward to bringing in more lovers of the game and creating more awareness through its partnership with Noosphere Ventures Ukraine.

Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures is also delving into the search for solutions that will make other sports better. The organization, in its bid to discover a better scoring solution for ballooning sport events, organized a hackathon in some of the biggest Universities in Ukraine. The three teams that were selected as the best are currently developing their ideas, so that the next FAI Ballooning events will be used as a testing ground for those.