Five Reasons Why you Should opt for VPN

The digital world that we are living in is growing by leaps and bounds. That makes it essential to take care of your privacy and security. Leave aside the countries like China, Iran, and Turkey – even US has been observed to be indulging in surveillance of the online activities of the general public.

This can indeed be a concern for us and the best way you can take care of your online privacy and security would be through the use of VPN services. Why should we use VPN? Let us check out some of them.

Top 5 Reasons to Use VPN

VPN service offers you several advantages. Picking just five of them may not be an easy task. However, we will be making an attempt at understanding the top five reasons for using VPN services.

#1. Hacking protection

This is the primary reason for opting for VPN. When you connect to a public WiFi, you stand at a higher risk. Cybercriminals may set up false or fake WiFi hotspots with the sole aim of stealing your data.

NordVPN, for instance, uses double data encryption for enhanced security. There are several extra features from the security point of view as well. Opting for a VPN whenever accessing public WiFi is a most wiser decision.

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#2. Spoofing Geolocation

Certain sites are blocked by region. A VPN service will help you access even the blocked service in your region.

In fact, a majority of the people who use VPN do so for spoofing their geolocation. This helps them access the services that are restricted in their region. As our example service, NordVPN can work seamlessly in China and Middle Eastern countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.

#3. Easier P2P Sharing and Torrents

Torrents are the popular sources of download for large files. Some countries have stringent laws against Torrents and using them may come under copyright infringement. A VPN service based in a nation where there is no such restriction is adhered to would help you get away from such issues. P2P Sharing is another feature, like in NordVPN, is what should be your premium for using a VPN service.

#4. Have your Privacy Protected

If you are not worried about any of the above problems associated with internet, privacy is the major concern that you should give a thought for using a VPN service. Online Privacy and security is your right and using a VPN service is your way of accessing it. VPNs like NordVPN use military-grade encryption that would protect your privacy to a great extent.

#5. Avoid Government Censorship

Certain countries have begun blocking or indulging in surveillance of your online data. The government may have their own reasons for doing so, but it amounts to the infringement on your right to information and freedom of expression. China is a good example, though even the advanced countries like the USA have been indulging in such acts of late. You can use VPNs to bypass government restrictions.

The Bottomline

VPNs have a huge list of advantages. However, the major ones that most of us opt for a VPN service would be on account of these five benefits. However, a free VPN service may not be as efficient as a paid one. However, given the fact that the pricing of VPNs has reduced over the years – it should not be costly affair either.