Flight of Your Life: Take Off This Year!

Are you planning on having the flight of your life? Just hoping for that luxurious life in the future –relaxing in beach front, having a long road trip with your Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines or even a Honda City – just to have that ultimatum when it comes to traveling. Finding the best low-cost flight for your next trip is a dream come true however requires patience and thorough research! Let’s have a look at how you can book a flight without breaking the bank and enjoy the air trip unlike anything.

Book seven weeks earlier

Booking at the last minute has been a renowned method to catch an inexpensive flight and this is because airlines were desperate to fill the empty seats. Not anymore as today, there’re any different budgeted airlines while business travellers are willing to pay bigger bucks at the last minute. Many travellers nowadays usually pre-book their flight almost seven weeks earlier to get the best savings in return.

Subscribe to newsfeeds & email notifications

Indeed, finding a flight deal at the eleventh hour is hard but not impossible especially if you know where to look. The best way is subscribing to news alerts and email notifications from your favourite airlines. You’ll receive an update every time when there’re flash sales, new air routes with low-cost introductory rates and cabin class upgrade either free of cost or at a discounted rate.

Fly everywhere

Perhaps, the best thing to book a flight is a chance to explore the unexplored destination at a budget-friendly rate like never before. If you’re making online reservations, simply search Everywhere in the search-function and a list of multiple destinations would appear for you to choose from. Do check the date and time carefully as price may vary accordingly.

Use credit card wisely

Yet another way to cut down airfare is booking through a credit card but only if you’ve a good credit score. This is a chance to earn air miles that you can redeem later for perhaps a free ticket or below-the-discount rate to your favourite destination. Remember to pay the credit card off full every month that’ll save you from overhead costs or interest.

Try Tuesday afternoon

May sound a bit sceptical but there’s a theory that Tuesday afternoon is the best time to catch cheapest airfares. Only a few airlines release last minute weekend deals especially on Tuesday since Monday evening is the time when sales start. Who knows this is the chance to book Jet Airways at a pocket-friendly cost!

One way ticket purchase

There’re times when buying a return ticket cost twice as one-way booking even with different airlines. How about booking a one-way trip to your favourite place and reserve a return seat from there! It however, depends on convenience and travel situation for you might need returning ASAP if you left something important pending!

The 24-hour rule

On cancelling a reservation 24 hours prior to departure may give you free refund, so do keep a closer eye on a flight’s cost. Just in case there’s a substantial price drop on another flight, you may be lucky enough to cancel the existing reservation 24 hours earlier and book a new one at a pocket-friendly rate. Do note that this isn’t always the case and not every airline offers such features.



The above details would surely help you book a flight for a memorable air trip.