Google to Unveil in-car

Google introduces a completely new development in cars world. It makes an unveiled car that’s not be thought ever. Google’s car is completely different from others car you seen ever. This car did not require any driver; it does not require any petrol. It is a big revaluation in cars world. Google car is made by Google-led open automotive alliance its members are General motors, Audi, Hyundai, Honda and graphics chips are made by Nvidia.



This car provides maximum protection for your ride. Its auto driven so it provides maximum security that helps you from any accident by its high quality sensor. It provides high quality user interface by touch panel that is easy to access. It runs by two switches only. Google car is a two sited car. You can connect your iphone or any other Smartphone with this car.

You haven’t need to know the route to your destination just put the name you wish to go in the inbuilt map in this car this car will be dropped you there safely. Google car runs by battery power it can run 60 kilometers after one time full charge.

Google auto link will provide users to control cars wheel, touch screen interface voice recognition and more others wonderful features. Apple car play allows you to connect your apple iphone in this car that allows you to control the cars like a touch screen game and you are able to play music via your iphone

This car is two sited capable so it is best for couple ride and you have not take any headache about the outsiders world when you are ridding in this car. You can enjoy your personal life while you are using this car in your busy times also. You can do your works safely and you can get more time to finish you official works when you are travelling also.

Google car works on 3d mapping. It has a system that takes 3d images of world that makes the ability to drive itself in the right place.

It is first tasted in Nevada in May 2014 and it passed all the rules and regulations of Nevada department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Google car is not only self driven it also have a manual part. If you want to enjoy the driving then you can manually drive it like other cars. The car has the maximum speed of 40 km/h and it has a screen inside the car that shows you the route of the car. There are two buttons to start and stop the car after set the destination you have to press the start button and the car will be automatically drive you to your destination and if any necessary reason for stop you have to pres the stop button.