How Expensive is Aluminum Fencing.

Aluminum is a high-grade fencing material suitable for commercial and residential fencing. Its unique ornamental appeals make it a popular choice for educational institutions as well as gated communities as they improve the appearance of the property and enhances the worth. Because of these classic properties, many people think that aluminum fencing  is expensive for an average homeowner. Though aluminum fencing has similar quality as wrought iron, it is less expensive than wrought iron given its comparably low installation cost and doesn’t require maintenance, saving you thousands in repairs. But how expensive is aluminum fencing?

The cost of a fence includes all costs ranging from purchase of the materials, installation, and maintenance to repairs. To understand the cost of this increasingly popular type of fence, here are aspects you want to look at:

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Installation: While it is one of the most admired types of fences, it offers a fair share of challenges to DIY homeowners. It involves anchoring aluminum railings in fresh concrete. However, you can fit these railings in existing walls. If you are not good at masonry, you may find this type of fence slightly expensive to install since you will need an experienced person to handle the project.

The average cost of installing this type of fence is estimated at 20 percent of the total cost of the project. For this reason, you want to find a good installation expert who can do the job at a perfect job at this rate or lower. Make sure to get at least three quotes from reputable professionals before the job is done.

Maintenance: This is an area most people spend more money without their knowledge. Little to no maintenance cost means the option is the best to go for. Since aluminum fencing is maintenance-free, it has the lowest overall cost compared to other types of fencing such as wrought iron and wooden fencing, which give similar results. Experts recommend that aluminum fences be thorough cleaned once a year. Extra costs may only come in if you are repairing the concrete part on which the metals are anchored.

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Lifetime warranty: The duration of the warrant speaks a lot about the quality of the item you are buying. When it comes to fences that offer undoubtedly long fencing solutions, aluminum fences come through in a big way. Typically, aluminum fences carry a lifetime warranty, showing that they have low long-term cost.


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