How Much Does It Cost To Make An Android App

More than thousands of android apps are being uploaded daily on the Google Play Store. Although a lot of them are made available for free, there are still a number of apps that incorporate some pricing standards. On taking a closer look, we found some parameters that are used to price these apps.



  • The type of app being developed, the platform used, the time and money invested, the complexity involved and the features included.
  • The back end functionalities and server inclusion – the average cost of such apps are slightly higher.
  • The level and expertise of the developing organization in the industry.
  • The costs incurred on marketing, update frequencies, personal investments and other external costs.
  • Business model involved and the design solutions for the same.


The price for a mobile app ranges from a minimum of $6000 to a maximum of around $1500000, given that the above factors are taken into serious consideration. One strikingly important example in this case is Instagram, which was reportedly claimed to have chewed up more than $500000 in venture funding for a high definition frontend and backend. Another astounding example that can be stated is that of Uber, which reportedly consumed around $1500000, because of the powerful servers included in their app.

Some of the top app development companies charge anywhere from $49 to $199 per hour.. The demand for Smartphone application development has increased in the past few years and this has led to a noticeable hike in the prices of apps.


  • Type of App: Basic Android App

Time taken for completion: 6-12 weeks

Features involved in the app:

  • Incorporation of map view
  • Property list
  • Simple search feature with easy navigation options
  • Simple property views
  • Minimalistic UI/UX for better performance levels.
  • API integration
  • Social integration facility

The approximate cost for the development of such apps is noted to be around $35000, which includes the overhead charges and the external marketing costs.

  • Type of App: Mid-level android app

Time taken for completion: 10-23 weeks

Features include:

  • UI/UX support for tablets and other screen resolutions
  • Map based search and navigation features
  • Easy integration of the app with the social accounts of the user
  • Application of refined search criteria
  • Detailed property view
  • Role based segregation of the given application

The approximate cost for the development of mid-level android apps is noted to be around $70000 which includes the overhead charges and the external marketing costs.

  • Type of App: Complex Android App

Time taken for completion: more than 28 weeks

Features include:

  • Integration with third party servers and merchants
  • Customizable interface with cool animation features
  • Application of advanced search refinements
  • Integration of payment gateways and back-end servers
  • Incorporation of live chat features for best applicability


Listed below are some different categories of apps and the costs incurred for the development of the same:

  • Simple table based apps cost around $3000$8000. Incorporation of different features like GPS locators may incur some overhead charges.
  • A native database app can cost around $8000$50000 and often includes a heavy front end graphic based system.
  • Gaming apps cost around $10000$250000 and often require a complex development process.