How Selfie Drones Changed Selfies Forever!

People always liked to take pictures of themselves and others. With the advent of selfie, this fascination acquired a second wind. Never had selfies been as popular as they are today, and there are new ways to do it. But the innovative way to create selfies with a flying foldable drone surpasses all expectations!

Just try to image the scenery in your mind. Standing on a huge rock above Lake Champlain in Vermont, Matt Benedetto makes the most delightful selfies you can imagine! By the way, this way of photographing has already been given a new name known as selfie drones (from two words: drone + selfie). Thanks to these mini drones, incredible opportunities are being opened up for photographers.

Selfie drones gradually replace the universally used selfie-stick, because drones open much more possibilities for shooting. Using a selfie foldable drone will help you shoot not only next to you, but also make beautiful frames from an unreachable height or at a distance from you.

How can a mini drone improve your selfie experience?

The best way we can illustrate this is through an example of daily life. Let’s say that you are somewhere with your close friends and you’re feeling great, having fun and spending moments you wish could last forever. Sadly, we have to face the fact that those moments will not come back. But, what we can do is store those wonderful moments into precious memories. This is precisely where mini drones for selfies come into play. A few weeks ago, me and my friends visited a breathtaking canyon not far from our city. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the whole experience. Wanting to keep that experience into dear memories, we took our foldable drone and decided to make a selfie. We stood next to a rock and ordered the drone to fly above the lake where we certainly couldn’t step over. Seeing on the smartphone display what the drone sees through the camera, we knew in advance that it’s going to be an excellent selfie. The drone did a fantastic job, and we were completely free to set up a proper position and enable a much better selfie. Hence, we returned home filled with a wonderful feeling. The selfie is certainly here to remind us always of that terrific day.

The situation would have been much different if were to use a selfie stick. The selfie stick would have restricted us with its short distance, while one of us would have been forced to hold the stick. With the selfie foldable drone, on the other hand, the possibilities are brought to a completely new level.

So, you see my friends, thanks to a sweet little foldable drone with immense abilities for making selfies, we immortalized that wonderful experience. Many of our friends who saw the selfie pictures and videos were amazed by the quality of the shots and the different angles from which they were taken. I am sure that there will be many other adventures like this, and our selfie foldable drone will always be there to enrich our impressions.

Is it worth to buy a foldable drone: What do user reviews say?

We spoke to many fans of drones and selfies to get an answer to this question. They were people passionate to take selfies, people who considered taking selfies as a mandatory part of every outdoor experience. They were all too satisfied with the new possibilities that these mini drones allow them. Some of them even expressed the opinion that they feel as if the adventure called taking selfies is yet starting for them. Thanks to selfie foldable drones, now they can do things which previously were impossible: take a selfie in mid-jump, while running, working out or dancing. It is clear that you can use a mini drone during each of your activities, whether it be at your workplace or something you do in your free time.

Regardless, if you opt for a more expensive drone model for selfies like the DJI Mavic Pro, the Hover Camera Passport, or decide to buy a more affordable option like the JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable drone, you won’t make a mistake in each choice.

The use of drones for taking selfie is definitely a terrific idea! So, do not wait any longer and get yourself an excellent selfie-capturing drone. The world is yours to explore and enjoy even more thanks to your capable and reliable selfie foldable drone.

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