How To Be A Boxing Expert?

Boxing and fitness are interlinked with each other. If we wish to take up boxing, we must be physically fit or in other words if one takes up boxing, s/he will become physically fit. We at EightLimbs, give training of Thai boxing via Muay thai Bondi sessions to make you perfectly fit.

Our training facilities

We provide boxing and fitness training facilities. The environment in our class is made to promote growth and development with respect to physical discipline. We provide training for Muay Thai, X-training and weight loss.

We conduct classes for all levels of boxing. We provide training in traditional Thai technique. This is the most effective combat art. For the beginners, a simple combination of techniques is taught.

There are well rounded classes for those who want to learn the techniques a notch higher than the basics. The work rate is more than the basic level. For the well experienced people, there are intermediate and advanced level courses. The work rate is higher than the earlier two levels.

The techniques of boxing used at all levels of courses are from easy to much difficult ones. We have a team of talented and skilled trainers who conduct classes with their knowledge. The classes are also for females and kids from age 8 to 10.

The kids are taught how to protect themselves when they are attacked. The activities are made in a way so as to be fun for the kids. We provide cardio workout as well

Our services

We provide boxing training services. The trainers are all fighters who have been in this field for many years. Our classes are well equipped with pad work and bag work. These equipments enhance the working of an athlete.

We charge the rates on per hour of training. Our aim is provide you with fundamentals of power lifting for increasing the power of a body.

So, make yourself fit with our boxing and fitness services at Muay Thai Sydney and give us an opportunity to serve you.