How To Build Muscle

We come to fitness for many different reasons. Some try to lose or gain weight. Some expect to be stronger and have a better overall health. Some are looking for a toned and sexy body. But not all of us can achieve the goals. Because it is a hard work. Because it takes time until you finally see your body changing. Because your muscles are aching so badly every time you have finished at the gym. Because there will be days you would rather lay on the bed than hit to the gym as you are too tired at work… Then we will quickly lose our determination, motivation and we quit before we have even started.

So how can you set yourself up for success at the gym? Right here is our useful guide that you can use to be ready and push yourself to get over the hump.


  • Set a specific, achievable goal


The first step is setting specific short, medium and long term goals for you to follow up. For example, if you want to lose weight, the 1-month goal can be walking for 30 minutes twice a week while the long term goal for 9 months to 1 year can be running 5km every week. Also, make sure that your goals are achievable. If you haven’t joined any training programs before, don’t try to run a marathon in a few weeks. Or don’t try to lose 5kg and become a super model after 1 month training. You should be realistic, especially when you want to succeed at the gym.


  • Set a timeline to track your progress


As you can see on the examples above, you need to create a plan with detailed timeline to achieve the goals. If your goal is losing 10kg in 1 year, how long do you need to get used to the training? How much do you want to lose in 1 month? How many calories will you cut down in meals? Think about it and make a clear timeline with deadline to keep you on track.


  • Stay focused


Next step, always focus on the goals and the timeline are set. Because it is not hard to sit and write down the plan on paper, the hardest part is you actually kick yourself off and do it. Then when you have a plan to consistently stick with, keep track of your workout by recording the progress and your improvement. Every time you feel like you want to quit, think about what you have done so far, how hard you have tried, and focus on your mental strength to set yourself up for success.


  • Enjoy your working out


It will be much easier for you to success at the gym if you enjoy your working out. Make those training sections become something you want to do and love to do, not something you have to do. You can also try many different exercises like yoga and aerobic classes or go swimming with friends, your work out will be more interesting and exciting.


  • Have a gym buddy


It’s always great to have someone who you can motivate and keep you motivated. Your best friend, a colleague from work or a personal trainer is fine, all you need is someone who shares the same goals to help you keep moving forward. Then you will truly appreciate those days when you are feeling low, you are so exhausted that you want to stop, but they will urge you to finish your last set and won’t let you fall. Your goals will be easier to achieve when they are beside you.


  • Let yourself fail


They say “Failure is the mother of success”. It is true. Nobody is perfect. As we are just human, we all sometimes miss the days, skip the classes, fall off track, and fail at least once. But the important thing is that after the failure, you will learn many positive lessons to become a stronger and a better person, as long as you take control of the mentality with the right mindset and can-do attitude.


  • Treat yourself well


When you have tried hard, you deserve to get rewarded by nobody but you. It could be also a good way of motivation as you can write down what you want to do for yourself once you have achieved short or mid-term goals. It could be going to a relaxing body massage, buying the favorite sport clothes or getting your nails done. Treat yourself well then you will be ready for the next challenge and the final success at the end.

Regarding foods to eat, you can consume fat-rich foods such as avocados, sesame oil, cashews.