How to make your Company’s Salesforce Data Migration Projects Faster and Safer

Data migration is a nightmare for many business owners. There are many risks that are involved in the movement of data from one place to another one. These risks are even greater when you are dealing with big data. This data comes in humongous volumes. To ensure that it is of benefit to your business, you will have to keep carrying out database upgrades every once in a while. This will necessitate the movement of data from the database to some other storage facility. It is a complex process that will require the right tools and skills for the job.

It is worth remembering that data migration is not limited to database upgrades alone. The IT department in your business is going to need this data so as to develop or upgrade systems according to your business’ needs. In order to do this, they will require test data. This test data must have some similar characteristics to your actual data. They should be almost or completely the same. Where will they get the testing data? It will be fetched from your database and transferred to the developer sandboxes.

Errors that might occur

There are just so many errors that could possibly occur when you are carrying out a data migration project. These occur even when you are observing all the rules of data migration. There will always be errors due to human fault. These should be avoided as much as is possible because of the costs that they might bring to the company and to your projects. For instance, if you are a developer, you probably will have to put your project on hold for a while so that you can correct these errors.

Some of the most common errors that occur during data migration include:

  • Failing to plan the data migration process
  • Using an incorrect migration strategy or lacking a strategy altogether. This arises from the failure to plan
  • Data inconsistencies arising from poor data management
  • Poor after-migration validation

To avoid such mistakes, most developers employ tools such as Flosum data migrator. This is one of the finest migration tools ever created. You can get this migrator at The migrator reduces very many risks that come with Salesforce data migration. You will be able to move the data around with such impressive ease.

The best thing about this data migrator is the fact that it is extremely affordable. Compared to other data migration tools, this one will not cost your business a fortune. On the contrary, you will be able to get it at a competitive price and you are guaranteed that it is going to benefit your business greatly. When you have a good data management system in place and you couple that with this data migration tool, your business’ IT team will be able to get work done very fast. This is because they will have the data that they need for the IT development work. Maintenance of your database will also be easier because data will be moved with ease.

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