How to Recognise the Various Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis

Meningitis is described as an inflammation of the membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal cord or collectively called as central nervous system (CNS). It is caused due to a viral infection and can be cured based on the type of meningitis. Meningitis b vaccine can help in building immunity against this infection and is available in most of the clinics in London and elsewhere.

Most of us know the above-mentioned things but the real question is: How to determine if you or your family members are affected by this disease?

Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a list of signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Signs and symptoms of meningitis in infants

  1. High fever: Just like adults, infants develop high fever as well if they are affected by meningitis. Check your baby’s temperature and take him or her to a doctor. To safeguard the health of your baby, schedule an appointment to get them a vaccine for meningitis b. This will help in building their immunity against this virus.

  2. Constant crying and lack of sleep: It might be due to various other illnesses but if your baby won’t be calmed by feeding or changing, then consulting a doctor is a good idea. If your baby is showing the signs of sleepiness, irritability and sluggish all of a sudden then the chances of meningitis are high.

Signs and symptoms of meningitis in adults

  1. Severe headache: Since this disease affects the CNS, therefore, headaches might be different and more severe than normal ones. A meningitis headache will not ease up after taking pain killers or over the counter medications.

  2. Nausea and vomiting: Headaches might be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. So, pay proper attention to this symptom. To protect yourself from this disease you can get meningitis b vaccine from any private clinic in London or elsewhere.

  3. High fever: It can be due to various other reasons like the flu or other diseases. Take the temperature and see if the person is suffering from a high fever over 103 Fahrenheit or not.

  4. Sore and stiff neck: It is quite a common signs in case a person is suffering from meningitis.

  5. Intense photophobia: It refers to extreme pain and sensitivity to light. In this case, the affected person might find it hard to go outside or be in a room with bright lights.

  6. Look out for seizures: It is violent in nature and might result in bladder loss and disorientation in a person. If one doesn’t have a history of epilepsy then chances of him or her to be affected by meningitis are high.

  7. Severe rash: If you notice purple or reddish rash and blotch might appear on the body then go for glass testing, as it will help you determine the presence of meningitis.

There are many strains of this virus present today and most of these infections can be curbed with the help of this vaccine. The cost of meningitis b vaccine is not much and is readily available in most of the clinic in London and elsewhere. So, go get yourself, your child and family vaccinated to fight against this virus.