How to Root Android Phone without PC

Root Android phones are used to run the latest Android apps on the Smartphone devices such as android mobile, iPhone, tablet and more. The Android phones users are not able to use the latest Android operating systems on their mobile phones. So they decided to root the Android phones to experience the various operating systems and applications in the mobile phones. The rooting is nothing but jailbreaking your Android device with root apps. After rooting your Android phone, the rooted device will allow to install and use the advanced version apps and OS. Most of the rooting methods carried out by using the computer or laptop. Now there is a possibility to root your android phone without using the PC or laptop.

There are few ways available to root Android device without a computer. Rooting Android device without PC can be done by using the following apps. This process performed with safe and securely.


This is one of the best-known root apps for rooting Android device without PC. The FramaRoot helps you to root your device without any trouble, and the process can be done easily. After rooting with the FramaRoot app, you can download and install any app after rooted your mobile phone. The FramaRoot app is available in apk file format. Can be easily downloaded from the online site.

How o download and install FramaRoot apk

  • Download the FramaRoot apk file from the website using the valid link.
  • Then install the apk file and tap to open it.
  • Tap the FramaRoot icon from your mobile and enable the rooting steps on your Android phone.
  • Once completed the rooting process, you can download and use any apps or Android operating system on your mobile.

Universal android root

This is also a very popular app for rooting your android device without PC.  The universal Android app is an open source application can be downloaded from online. This apk file downloading and installing process carried out easily like anything else. Once you have rooted your android phone with this app, then you can install any application you want to use on your phone.



How to download and install

  • Download the apk file from the online website.
  • Once completed the downloading process then install this app on your device.
  • Then open the app and start to root your phone.

Iroot apk

Iroot is also one of the famous apps for rooting your android device without PC. This is familiar to all the power Android users. This is a Chinese app, but it’s available in different languages, in recent time Iroot earned good name with its performance over Android phones. This app is regularly updated, which will increase the number of users and its a development app from Vrot app developers.

How to download and install Iroot

  • Download the Iroot apk file from online using the valid link.
  • The downloading will be finished within a minute.
  • Then tap the apk file to install it on your phone.
  • Once the installation completed open the Iroot app and started to root your phone.

Root master

Root master is a one click root app for rooting your android device without PC. This is an alternative method to root your android device. Unlike other root apps, root master is available in different language support to root the Android phones. This is the best-recognized app compare with other apk files.

Download and installation process

  • Download the file from the official site.
  • Now take a copy of your documents and files on your device.
  • Install the apk file on your device by enabling the unknown source option.
  • Now click the root master app to root your phone and then restart your mobile phone.

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