iEMU iOS Emulator for Android

iOS Apps and games are limited to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Of course, android is limited to android in a way. Yet, there is a way to install and use android apps on windows or mac computers. Yes, it is possible and of course installing iOS apps and games on Pc is possible with a third party emulator iPadian. But did you ever try to install iOS games and applications on your Android mobile?. You can now give it a try with iEMU App. Yes, you can install iOS apps on Android mobile and tablet. So first get iEMU iOS emulator for android.

To be clear to the point, You can Install iOS applications on your Android device using iEMU. Check how you can do that.

How to Run iOS Apps/Games on Android Using iEMU iOS Emulator

There are a lot more uses with an iOS emulator. You can install the apps and games for free on your android device. We all know that the iPhones and iPads are too costly to buy. Whereas android mobile and tablet are cheap and anyone can afford it easily.

Nowadays, we can see few more iOS emulators. But I can that the iEMU is one among the best iOS emulators. It is simple and completely easy to use. Let me take you to use the iOS emulator on your Android device. After that, you can play every iOS game on your android.

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Steps to Install iEMU iOS Emulator on Android Mobile/Tablet in 2017

Follow few important steps to install the iOS emulator without any problems. First of all, you need to have the file. So let us get started.

Step 1: Download iEMU iOS Emulator for Android from here and Check its features. It will help you understand the uses installing iOS apps on android using iEMU.

Step 2: Transfer the file from your computer if you haven’t downloaded it on your smartphone. Use a USB Cable or File Sharing apps like Shareit, Cloneit, etc.

Step 3: Go to Settings on your android mobile to authorize the Unknown Resources. You need to enable it in order to install iEMU iOS Emulator in 2017. You can follow the path; Settings >> Unknown Resources. If you have High-end android devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S6 Edge, search for the unknown resources using the search bar.

Step 4: Go to the location of iOS emulator on your Android device. Top on it to Start the installation process.

Step 5: It will ask you to install iEMU iOS Emulator. You may follow the simple on-screen instructions to finish installing the app on your device.

Step 6: Restart the android device on which you have installed the iEMU Apk. That is it, guys. You can now start installing iOS games and applications on your Android mobiles.