Innovative Ideas for False Ceiling Designs

Ceiling increases the beauty of the indoor setting; therefore, ceilings have become an integral and important part of the whole décor. False ceilings are moisture resistant, light in weight and effectively checks condensation and dripping from ceiling to work surfaces. False ceilings can be made from different materials including mineral fiber, gypsum and metal. With flourishing real estate industry around, there is no dearth of interior design companies or interior design company Bangalore who can help you in designing the right ceiling for your home.


Some of the best ceiling designs for Indian homes


  • Subtly lit

This ceiling design is best for a bedroom as it gives a soothing effect. Subtle interiors and dim lights are essential components of these ceiling. This attractive ceiling design comes with wooden beams that not only enhances the beauty of the design but also are in harmony with the wooden interiors of the room.


The neon blue lighting along with the conventional white LED lamps emanates a soothing and peaceful environment in the room.


  • Patterned

This false ceiling design comes with pretty lighting and a sassy chandelier. The trendy wooden cut work design on two slender glass panels allows maximum inflow of light. The focal point of this design is the centrally placed wooden console made up of projecting rectangular and square patterns that illuminate the entire room with the inbuilt lighting. A stunning crystal chandelier further enhances the beauty of the room.


  • Woodsworth

Ceiling designs are not only restricted to living areas and bedrooms. This ceiling design synchronises with the interiors of a beautiful home theater. In this design, a false ceiling is created from the centre with a wooden supplement to gel with the walls and the floor. Effective lighting is provided along the length of the square as a result of the home theater angle. A beautiful pair of rectangular chandeliers can be placed to provide the maximum brightness.


  • Industrial

With metallic beams and supports this design is entirely different from the conventional wood ceilings and others. The ceiling is at its best with the washed sofa set and metallic stairs. For industrial effect, just like factories and warehouses, this design uses small statement lighting instead of conventional chandeliers.


  • Chequered

Using the false ceiling technology this design creates chequered floors magic on the ceiling. With diligent use of LED lamps and concealed lighting, this design illuminates the entire room in such a way that the ceiling is at the center of attraction every time someone enters the room. This design gives an illusion of space and can even be used in smaller rooms.


  • Glamorous

The round ceiling pattern with concentric circles the glamorous ceiling is cleverly designed to highlight the seating area beneath it. The beautiful dropping lights in the center give a mesmerizing look to the area in the dark. Apart from the circular segment, the entire ceiling design is a contrast to the bright wall décor.


  • Creative ceiling designs

Based on the overall theme of milk parlor this ceiling creates a 3-D effect of split milk or overflown milk. The intelligent lighting along the edges of the white space guarantees brightness in the dark accented room. The interiors are deliberately kept dark to enhance the appeal of glossy white light.


  • Striped

Usually found in the lobby area this ceiling design acts as the intersection point of all the rooms of the house. The effect of a false ceiling is created with thick wooden beams over the stained glass. This design is best in the lobby as it allows maximum inflow of natural light and spreads light in the entire house.  Concealed lighting along the stripes and a fancy statement lamp help the ceiling glow even during the night.

  • Colorful ceiling

Colorful ceilings illuminate even a bland room. You can make a choice from a range of available colors. Yellow make a room cosier, light colors make the space feel larger and warm color types like orange.  You can settle for an appropriate ceiling color depending on the purpose and function of the room.




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