Instagram Management and Marketing

As another great social platform for posting and sharing pics, Instagram hasn’t stopped growing over the last few years. A random fact –more than 80 million images are shared on a daily basis by users hooked on Instagram.

Technically, Insta is a mobile-based social network that is ready to offer any brand a rich diversity of opportunities to reach new potential fans and supporters of unique ideas and beliefs. As famous and widespread tool, it’s important to highlight the fact that it takes more than sharing a pic to get followed and liked by users on social media.

In order to gain popularity and win people’s hearts, it is essential to understand the meaning of a detailed strategy developed carefully and thoughtfully during the process.

This task can help your business tell interesting and enchanting stories through images and videos. If you really want your page to be liked, shared and talked about in general, you need to write that down and start using it as your guide.

Tools for growing your Instagram

It’s time for you to kick-start this process by understanding your objectives, including your target audience and establishing whether it is active or passive on Instagram. Before anything else, keep in mind that the nature of this platform is quite different that of Facebook, for example.

Instagram is technically a visual platform, one that provides the great opportunity to share, like and, upload images while giving your followers a great chance to get to know about you and your business as this happens in real time. In order to get more followers and likes, first and foremost, it’s important for you to know what you personally like and want to get out of this visual platform. The ideal option here is chasing the mixture of the following goals, like increasing your brand awareness, presenting your own team and talents of your employees, demonstrating your loyalty and great communication with followers, enhancing event  experiences, displaying new products, ideas or services, sales alerts, growing your community and so on and so forth.

Focus on presenting better content

In order to have your stories heard, shared and liked, you should be the one writing good ones beforehand. With that being said, it’s up to you and the way you “talk” through images and words that will get followers to share your stuff on social media.

Think about it as a well thought strategy that will start paying off so well once you get it started. Developing unique and interesting themes for your images is another great way to establish a better communication with your audience and build a solid connection with your followers on your page.

What CEOs should chase as a goal

Skipping common mistakes when it comes to social media’s performance and management is a key factor to a better and much bigger online community.

A typical one, for example, is having multiple social media profiles. If you consider doing it, it’s time to realize that this technique is not only wrong but hazardous since it puts your page’s reputation on the line increasing the risk of sending important information to the wrong person/account.

More likes and better reputation?

Imagine hiring a law firm SEO expert but you see no results coming your way. No traffic, no ranking improvements are happening since the SEO system you trusted is neither efficient, nor reliable. To avoid such nonsense, make sure you do some research on the SEO experts out there before reaching any to rely on for a better positioning on Google.