iPhone Rumors You Can Bet On

Apple has put us all under its spell with months and months of speculation. Finally, the big day is just around the corner. The anticipation, however, is at an all-time high since the rumor mill has been generating reports all claiming to be true. For your sanity and sake, compiled below are some of the rumors that we believe you can bet on.

Image source: Pixabay

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A Wonderful OLED Display

Apple has been said to finally ditched the LCD display and go for the OLED panels. iPhone 8 has been said to sport a larger display and smaller bezels. There is now more room for the users to interact with the phone and with the OLED display, pretty sure no additional display space will go unused. OLED panels will help boost the new iPhone’s capability to display true to life colors and the larger screen will give better viewing angles.

There is no word yet on how durable the new display will be. There have been complaints that the glass was very weak and easy to break with past iPhone models. Lets hope the new displays are more durable than it’s predecessor so that it will save you a trip to your local iPhone repair shop for a new screen.

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No Physical Home Button

With the iPhone’s rumored bigger screen, the next question that pops into one’s mind is: what will happen to the home button? The rumor is there will be a virtual home button and the physical one will be eliminated. This virtual button pops in when gestured to do so and pops out when another application is running, for instance, if one is watching a video.

Facial Recognition as The New Security Feature

With the possibility of removing a physical home button, Apple may be removing the Touch ID sensor as well. This seems plausible given the fact that a Touch ID cannot be placed under an OLED panel. Therefore, Apple has to look for other technology if it wants to keep the users feel safe and secure about their phones. The next best option is the facial recognition technology.

Apple is said to utilize this technology through the infrared sensors that will be placed in its front cameras. Therefore, expect a major improvement on the new iPhone front camera as well. Facial recognition will replace the Touch ID functions like unlocking the iPhone. Whether it is more convenient or not will depend on the user and the circumstances.

The screen area, display, and Touch ID removal are some of the rumors that in all honesty can be a reality. With these boosts, it is no wonder that the iPhone 8 is said to be priced around $1,000 and $1,200 if you want extra storage. But do not fret. Aside from the iPhone 8, Apple is said to release two more iPhone models that are catered to those who are on a tight budget. These lower-end version, however, will not be sporting any OLED display or bigger screen area.

They will most probably look like iPhone 8’s predecessors. Facial recognition will also be nonexistent in the lower models and they will still get the Touch ID feature. Apple has yet to reveal what will these two lower end models have that their lookalike predecessors will not have. Until then, we have three rumors that we can hold on to for the iPhone 8 and hope that the new iPhone’s do not have the same issues with the iPhone 7.