Keep Your Inbox Safe With Fake Temporary Mail Address

When you access websites sometimes they ask you to provide your email address to them in order to download or access the information, or you are using a software and want the trial period multiple times, in those times you may need additional emails, the best way to get a disposal email is to generate fake temp mail.

Generating temporary emails will give you a random email address with an inbox which you can use to sign up or provide it to anyone and all the emails will be received within that mailbox for free.

Best Temporary Mail Generator

Now, what’s the best fake temporary mail generator? I am going to tell you a few names of best fake email generator.

temporary mail generator


This gives you a temporary email for 10 minutes, you can get additional 10 minutes if you want.

2.) Airmail

This is one of the best temporary mail generators because you can get new emails with just a click and it offers unlimited emails without any limitations, so my vote would go to this one, however, it may show some delay in receiving the emails.


this is easy and ice, you get to choose your username, easy and ads free website which does the work perfectly.


Another awesome temporary email generator, this is my second favorite mail generator after airmail and it also looks quite professional and premium. I would choose this if airmail someday goes down.

What’s your favorite fake temporary mail generator? Let me know in the comments section.