Latest trends to follow in SEO in 2017

SEO has become the nerve of any website to rank higat great speed. To expand the digital marketing landscape for your business website, you need to follow the latest SEO trends.  Google algorithm updates keep the owners of the certain business on toes.  Here are some trends of SEO that keep your website in top searches and boost your business presence in the digital world.

Google-SearchOptimization for User Intent
Keywords still play important role in SEO and yield great results. People know how to search for a particular product or what they are looking for. Even search engines understand the intent of the consumer. Users enter the full phrases and queries in search engines that gather the data and provide results effectively. It is important to optimize your digital content based on consumer intent than keywords. Do research about what users are searching for and what answers they want from you. After you collect the data and verify the areas where you need to work then make changes to boost rankings. Always keep up with Google analytics and check what is working and what is not so that you can make the changes accordingly.

The introduction of AMP
Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that makes it important to make your pages able to be viewed on mobile. It reduces the loading time of your web pages by 4 times and makes sure that browser only loads the key content and trip out the unnecessary content. With greater visibility in Google search, AMP pages get benefited with a special icon. To drive more traffic to your website, tailor it for mobile.

AMP pages benefit from greater visibility in Google search results too, with a special icon displayed next to them. Tailoring your website for mobile is a key to driving traffic in 2017.

Google’s Featured Snippets:
We use Google to search answer for different queries. The top 10 displayed results are now considered and favoured by Google. There are many webmasters whose web pages are ranking into position in the Google feature snippet. By making your content comprehensive and relevant to the topic you can get featured snippet. Whatever topic you choose, make sure it describes the information related to your title. You can also use subheadings, tables or bullet points.

Content is still the King in SEO. People love to read different things on different topics. Although the content has changed a lot, it is important to give something interesting to read that will grow the traffic on web pages. Content could be in form of images, audio, video, and texts that make sure that search engines and visitors take in on a web page.

Page Speed
Page speed is one of the important steps to consider in Google. When the people visit your web page and if it takes a lot of time to open then surely those people will shift to other pages and you may lose your potential customers. If your web page has good loading speed then you will get more traffic and more users on your website. This is the main trend to follow in 2017. Loading of web pages in 5 seconds have great bounce rates and they are more convertible. There are many sites where you can check the speed of your web pages such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers and Pingdom tool.

Page-Speed-IconMobile Optimization of Site
Today, people use more mobile devices than PC or laptops. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your website mobile friendly. This is the step that you must take into consideration. Search for different things has increased a lot. The use of mobile has grown like never before. Because of its portability, it can be taken anywhere. Therefore, mobile optimization is essential for your site. The number of searches on mobile is more than a number of searches on the desktop. This is a great tip to follow in 2017 in order to get the good ranking in Google.

Mobile-OptimizationGoogle Guideline
Google guidelines were the most awaited improvement in the year 2017. The quality standards of money related pages, shopping transaction etc are set to improve through Google guidelines. Better ranking of websites is also empathized by the Google where reference or source is an expert. Google guidelines will change with the times but in this year, read all Google guidelines and follow them.

Finally, these are some trends to follow in SEO suggested by highly skilled digital marketer who also run his own Technology & Lifestyle Blog. If you want to rank your website high in search engines, follow Google guidelines, give users something interested to read and so on.