Why Should You Learn Building A PC

I am in the field of computer hardware for years and it was once one of the most difficult tasks in my life. Even after having a computer for years did not let me research on it and for silly problems, I used to go a computer repair center for getting my computer on the right track. But this problem never went away. Computer hardware is a common problem and can happen anytime. Sometimes a Ram can get corrupt or your CPU can get fried. And this happens because you don’t know how to change the thermal paste and install the CPU cooler. So, it’s very necessary for you to know your computer hardware and I am going to list some important points that will surely convince you why you should build your own PC.

PC Building is Cheap

The first and the best advantage of building a PC yourself is that it’s way cheaper than the prebuilt ones. If you go to some computer shop, he will charge you at least 20-30% more than the regular price of PC. There are two ways in which you are getting that PC for more price than it should be. The first one is the price you pay for the components. A computer technician won’t tell you the real prices of each component and I know this because that’s how they get commission and by commission, I mean huge commission. The second one is the price you pay to him for assembling your computer. That will be way too low as compared to the components.

So in total, you are paying him around 20-30% more than the total cost of your PC. Buying a pre-built PC is, on the other hand, can be even more expensive sometimes. If you buy a home desktop computer setup, then you will not only pay more price but you will get some crappy components in it. Some of the main crappy components the companies give you are Power supply, motherboard, and the case.

But if you buy the components yourself, the quality will be best as different brands are expert in producing different components. You will also have more warranty and better reliability. The flexibility is insane and you can use whatever component you wish to. In a custom PC build, you can upgrade easily but in a pre-built PC, it’s way too harder. For example, if you buy a pre-built PC that is compact, you may not have enough space to install a graphics card. Or if you have a better case and not a good power supply, you may not have sufficient power supply capacity and the PCI connectors for powering your graphics card.

There are more things that can be considered such as custom CPU cooler, LED fans, PCI expansion cards etc in a custom PC build. But forget this in a pre-built PC. Your warranty may be voided in some cases if you open your PC. So, it’s a cheap trick that companies use in order to hide their crappy components inside.

PC Building is Easy

Yes, it’s easy. Well, I won’t exaggerate and say it’s a kid’s thing. Surely, it takes some time to build a PC and learn what goes into what but once you know, you can build any PC with any component. There are a few basic things you need to learn first. For this, I wrote a complete 100+ pages guide on how to build a gaming PC. But that’s not all. I have even collected data for you to choose every best possible component for the money. Best Gaming CPU’s, for example, is one of the best guides right now on the internet and you can take a look at other guides as well.

But let’s get to the main point. There are a few steps in order to build a gaming PC:-

  1. Knowing computer components
  2. Researching what’s best
  3. Buying components at the cheapest prices
  4. Using a screwdriver
  5. Installing an operating system and drivers

These are the only 5 points you need to consider. Knowing and researching what you need are the points where you will be saving a lot of money and rest are easier. Buying components is another important thing because on some sites you may find the price of a particular component higher than the others. So note down a list of best websites for buying computer hardware. In India, Theitdepot.com, Mdcomputers.in, Amazon.in are the best sites to buy.

When you buy your parts, it’s time for assembling. It’s a time-consuming process and may take from 15 minutes up to an hour if you are just starting. You only need a screwdriver for this purpose. Nothing more than that. I also recommend having a plier for installing standoff screws for installing motherboard but you won’t find the need for any other tools except a #2 screw driver. Some people also use anti-static wrist band but that’s not necessary.

PC Building will make you learn

If you think PC building is only for assembling then you are wrong. PC building will help you learn the basic concept and working of a computer. How each component work and what’s the use of a specific hardware. You will learn it as you progress in researching. It takes time and patience but it’s worth your time. You will also be learning to troubleshoot at the same time which is very important. At least you won’t have to go to any computer repair shop for installing your operating system or for installing a graphics card. You will be able to do all the stuff at home in a couple of minutes like I do.

You will also be aware of latest components launching in the market and honestly, no computer technician at the shop knows it better. But you will have an upper hand on them. In short, there are a lot of advantages and you will learn to install different types of components in different situations.

If you keep these points in mind, I am sure you will never regret your decision in building a PC yourself.