Get Learning Bath in Dynamics 365 Online!

Dynamics 365 (online) has grabbed the attention of many organizations. With its release, Microsoft has added some new authoring capabilities to the earlier released of feature like Learning Path. This feature delivers walk throughs, articles, contextual-rich training, and videos in the application at the right time. Released in the dynamics of CRM 2016 spring, was an efficient tool that allows new users of CRM to become familiar with the app instantly.

Moreover, it allows you to create your own custom help experience for your users of Dynamic 365. It can deliver custom content regarding the role assigned to the user and published a wide assortment of content to diverse companies within your deployment. This indicates that on a given form, page or screen you can easily display various help content for customer service reps and sales people. You can display the content for the same role in various companies or can even localize it in different languages for different organizations and users. However, the one aspect that was missing from this release was the capability for companies to create their own custom content.

Learning Path also offers an amazing way to assist people to discover latest features and become acquainted with latest business processes and forms from the app and at their own pace. This helps in reducing costs and time and also enables users to become productive promptly using Dynamics 365 Online.

How to Enable path Authoring?
So enable path authoring in your organization you have to go to settings then Administration and then System Settings. In the General tab, there is a Set Custom Help URL section and there you can Enable Path Learning and authoring both. You can enable both customizable help and Learning path, but you can’t do that at the same time. Consequently, you have to set no to both Append Parameters URL as well as Use Custom help for Customizable Entities.

When you navigate the Learning Path Content Library, then you can get a message about not being in the Learning Patch security group of O365. Therefore, you have to open O365 Admin Center and then click on the Groups on the left and choose the group of Learning Path Authors. Then Click in the Members areas and add the user that you would like to be a Leaning Path Author. Also, being in the group of Learning Path Authors, users will have permission that is enabled in their Dynamics 365 Security Roles.

How different is Learning Path from Customizable Help?
Dynamic CRM can easily provide customized help for a wide assortment of versions. When it comes to customizable help, Learning Path permits you to move users to a dissimilar URL. Also, it permits you to override the default Dynamics 365 Help. Apart from this, it also helps in attaching files that not only help section, but also attached to specific actions or fields.

Sorts of Learning Paths
Learning Paths are available in two varieties- business process flows and Guided Tasks and Learning Paths sidebars.

  1. Learning Path Sidebars – These are displayed when a user navigates to a specific button, clicks on the help button, or particular page. Learning Path is indeed one of the exciting ways that give end users assistance regarding context aware in order to help them independently execute their daily tasks and to onboard new users.
  2. Guided Tasks – This includes a sequence of pop up bubbles that guide users through business process flows and through forms.
  • User Action Bubble – The one thing that set this bubble apart from others is that it provides users a specific action they take in order to advance next step.
  • Next Button Bubble – This is a pop-up button with an arrow that usually pops up to the next step to the direct users.
  • Learn More Bubble – This is a type of button that pops up when a certain task is complete. This button has a series of pop-up bubbles that guide users through things like record forms and process flows
  • Stimulate User Action – This button enables the user to move to the next step by clicking on needed item or clicking on the subsequent arrow.

Today, Learning Path is available in cloud hosted Dynamics 365. You can also create your Learning Path Content already in Dynamics 365. Undoubtedly, Learning Path can be very helpful feature for organizations.

This article is shared by Dynamics CRM consultant’s team to explain the dynamics 365 technology. If you have any doubt or want to know more about the technology, kindly comment below.