Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging

Can blogging bring you money? Thousands of people will tell you ‘yes.’ Blogging could not only be a pleasant activity but also a legit method of getting income.

When you decide to profit from having a blog, you turn into an entrepreneur. Like any business, blogging requires time, effort, consistency, and initial funds. A blogger might choose to get a secured loan to buy an appealing domain name or make other investments on his website. It is crucial to differentiate legit ways to receive money for blogging from deceiving get-rich-quick games.


Here are some ideas how to make money on blogging legitimately.

1. Adding Google AdSense
Displaying Google AdSense is the way of blog monetizing that does not demand too much effort. This method is especially great when you only start your blog as there are no special requirements. You will have to place a script from Google to get a payment every time a blog visitor clicks on the ads. The advertiser sets the price per click. You might be also paid for ad views instead of clicks.

2. Earning Money on Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing provides the bloggers with the opportunity to earn money through recommendations. You monitor different products to your blog visitors and use certain tracking links. When someone uses your link to make a purchase, you receive a referral commission. This method can be applied in any niche as there are various affiliate programs in different stores. Think about the products you already like to use and choose which of them may awake the interest of your audience.

3. Writing Paid Reviews
When you consistently produce good content and attract visitors to your website, you become an opinion leader. Winning the trust of the audience takes some time, but it is worth it and can bring you money eventually. A popular blogger may receive free products from the companies that are related to his niche. In exchange, you have to try them out and write a paid review. Do not be shy to approach companies offering your service.

4. Creating Sponsored Blog Posts
Writing sponsored posts is another legit way to make your blog profitable. You may just talk about the product, present it to your audience and receive money for promotion. The sponsors might be interested in checking your blog’s statistics and traffic. Be ready to provide them with the necessary data. Do not forget to check the disclosure laws in your region. The U.S. bloggers have to obey the FTC’s Endorsement Guides when publishing sponsored posts.

5. Creating Exclusive Content
If there are a number of people who read your blog regularly, you may create a special area for them offering more content. Your fans are very likely to pay for a membership on such a website to receive access to exclusive posts. This way of monetizing demands extra time for creating premium content for the paid members but it is quite profitable. Creating a membership website could be easily done with the variety of plugins and platforms and does not require having special skills.

6. Selling Online Courses
Your blog is a great tool to build a strong reputation and prove that you are a great expert. Once you win the trust of the audience they might want to get your advice or learn from you. Create an online course to share your knowledge with others and receive money for that. Think through the number of lessons and the additional material you need such as lists, downloads, or slides. You may also offer a premium course with your e-mail support providing answers to all the questions of the learners.

7. Accepting Donations
Adding a donate button to your blog is an effortless way to get money for creating content. It could be used as an additional method to earn on your blog as its effectiveness can hardly be controlled. Even if there are a few generous and grateful people who would like to support you, you can profit from their donations and develop your blog. Add a donate button just in case and explain why you need this. If blog visitors see the exact way to support you, they are more likely to do that.

These ways to benefit from your blog will not make you rich overnight, but if you want to put some effort, you will see the results. The legit methods of making money on blogging require some time, actions, and your patience, but you could be sure that the results will be long-lasting.