List of Benefits When You Hire a Drupal Developer

To hire a Drupal developer can be a profitable approach in this top-notch competitive world where being updated is the key to success. The countless features of Drupal make it a perfect choice for most of the business owners.

Since inception, Drupal has been a terrific content management framework for users and developers with different tastes. Starting from mere user-friendliness, Drupal is a perfect choice for content presentation, create data structures, build APIs, mobile accessibility and multilingual capabilities. It is a sensible decision in this tough competitive world to hire a Drupal developer and take out the best from your business. These experts work smartly by utilizing the features of Drupal in an effective manner.

The plethora of features of Drupal CMS adds so many benefits to its usage and makes it easy to embed required functionality to a website. Website development with Drupal is a cakewalk and turns out as a beneficial yet necessary aspect of this fast running era in which we are living.

Amazing Features of Drupal

Let’s figure out the salient features and benefits that you will get after hiring a Drupal developer-

Easy Edit

It is quite good when you have the ease of access to change something directly and quickly. Quick Edit of the Drupal does the same by allowing you to directly modify the text for quick fixes along with additions from the front-end.

Better Accessibility Support

Drupal gives excellent support for industry standard accessibility technologies, such as WAI-ARIA. The ARIA Live Announcements API plus TabManager can be considered as eminent features of Drupal with a sound control for enriched Internet apps, improved font sizes, tweaked color contrasts, modal dialogs and jQuery UI’s autocomplete.

Configuration Management

Drupal comes packed with an inbuilt configuration management at the file-system level that makes it easy to carry over configuration elements such as content type, views, or any fields from local development to the server. Configuration data is saved in files separated from the site database and a version-control system can be used to keep track of configuration changes.

Extended HTML5 Power

HTML5 is available natively in Drupal and gives you access to the input fields such as date, phone, e-mail, and along with more functionality and compatibility with handheld and mobile devices.

New Theme Engine

A brand new theming engine of Drupal called Twig makes it easier to create beautiful and more functional Drupal websites considering the fact that its templates are written in a less complicated syntax as compared to a PHP template or others. This PHP-based theme engine is flexible, fast, and

Inbuilt Web Services

Drupal can also be used as a data source where output content can be in the form of JSON or XML. You can even post data back to Drupal 8 from the front end. Implementation of Hypertext Application Language (HAL) in Drupal makes exploitation of web service capabilities less arduous.

The above benefits are enough to suggest the advantages of Drupal in web development and can undoubtedly explain how it is advantageous to hire a Drupal developer.